I’m very pleased to write this message on the day I return from a hike high above Emerald Lake. One day, I will go again as I never actually reached the world’s finest example of Cambrian life. If there were a few more hours in the day and I was a few years younger, I would now be able to tell stories of bugs and worms and trilobites from the dawn of time. Instead, I’m left with stories of achieving more on the hike than I thought I was capable of.

Similarly, the achievements of your CSEG are much more than I’d ever thought. I’m now six months into my term as Vice President and I am very impressed. There is a lot going on from outreach to technical or social activities; there are committees and activities for everyone.

My primary responsibility as your VP is to learn and prepare for next year. I watch and listen and hang with Jon Downton and Francois Aubin, plus I attend meetings of the Chief Geophysicists Forum and with the Joint Annual Conventions Committee. Both groups have a significant impact on our society and potentially on our technical, social, and business experiences.

Please drop me a line or give me a call to discuss what you think of the CSEG and what you think the future holds for the CSEG.

Emerald Lake



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