It has been a whirlwind of a year in our industry, with many ups and downs, so it has been an honour to be involved with such a stable and dependable group of people under the Communications portfolio in the CSEG. I would like to summarize the accomplishments of this hard working group over the last year.

CSEG Website

Corey Hooge with the help of Jeremy Sherry from Enter the Mind Media, continues to update and make significant improvements to our CSEG Website. Online membership renewals were successfully launched last fall, along with the ability to both purchase and print out your CSEG luncheon tickets on line. A complete set of RECORDERs have been scanned back to 1985, to provide us with a digital record, quickly accessible to all. The Geophysical Atlas of Western Canadian Hydrocarbon Pools has now been scanned and is available on line as well.

Corey and Jeremy are currently working on an events Calendar for upcoming courses, education events and conferences, and a link in the Member’s only area to the current issues of the RECORDER. This may lead to the eventual option of saving a few trees by requesting a digital only copy of the RECORDER.

If you haven’t toured our website lately, check it out –


The RECORDER Committee led by Chief Editor Satinder Chopra, continues to be the main communication tool of the CSEG, and provides both scientific articles of interest to our membership, as well as human interest articles. Finding a continuous supply of technical articles is always a challenge, with case study articles the most difficult to find, so with the current slow down in the industry, consider taking the time to document your ideas and successes, and write an article for the RECORDER.

The RECORDER Committee have successfully expanded the size of their group from 6 to 11 members, and implemented a succession plan. This will ensure continuity within the committee, while still providing new and fresh ideas and energy to the group.

I am looking forward to continuing to work with the RECORDER and Website Committees along with our new Assistant Director of Communications – Kristy Manchul, for the next year on the CSEG Executive.



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