I have been a part of the CSEG Executive Committee for almost a year now, as the Assistant Director of Educational Services, working with the current Director, Petra Busiak. At the AGM in March, the torches will be passed and I will become Director, with John Fernando joining me as the new Assistant Director. Congratulations John, I look forward to working with you. Thank you Petra, it has been a pleasure.

It has been a busy year in Educational Services and I think we have had a successful year bringing exciting talks to the luncheons, Lunchbox, Doodletrain, DISC and the convention. The upcoming year will be no different and I would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the recent past achievements as well as some upcoming CSEG events.


The Outreach committee is full of highly energetic people with lots of initiatives on the go: career and science fairs, honourary address, challenge bowl, Junior Geophysicists Forum (JGF), public outreach, student outreach, SIMfS, and the list goes on. They do wonderful work promoting the science of geophysics and I would encourage anyone interested in this line of work to volunteer on this committee. Furthermore, I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and commend CSEG Outreach for winning the Lighthouse Award from the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) for the Seismic in Motion for Students initiative (SIMfS) in November 2008. Congratulations to all Outreachers who contributed to the program: Pratt Barndollar, Mark Lane, Tina Bozic, Helen Isaac, Stacey Perilli, Bob Parker, and Annette Milbradt. Well done.

DISC Patrick Corbett will present the SEG Distinguished Instructor Short Course (DISC) from Heriot-Watt University, April 28, 2009, at the Metropolitan Centre. His lecture, Petroleum geoengineering: Integration of static and dynamic models, is greatly anticipated. Please see the CSEG website for the abstract and registration information.


We’ve had a notable run of excellent speakers over the past several months and there are many more to come. Last fall we held a successful joint luncheon with the CSPG, presented by Peter Duncan, and we are looking into participating in another joint luncheon in the fall. Keep an eye on the CSEG website for upcoming talks. Currently the upcoming luncheon speakers are as follows:

  • March 30 (AGM) – CSEG DL, Ron Clowes, Anew view of the continent beneath our feet – LITHOPROBE’s scientific, economic and social contributions.
  • April 27 – SEG Spring DL, Jack Bouska, Integrating Seismic Acquisition and Processing.
  • May 4&5 – Convention Lunches; Stuart McLean, and Sheila Watt-Cloutier
  • June 15 – Brian Russell, Making sense of all that AVO stuff.


The 2009 CSEG, CSPG, CWLS convention is going to be held May 4-7, 2009 at the Roundup Centre. There are over 270 submissions to experience, with a strong and diverse array of geophysical papers along with a range of integrated case histories. In addition, the technical program will begin with a plenary session, which discusses broad topics affecting our industry. Remember all the pre- and post-convention courses to indulge in, including the courses being presented by Rob Ferguson and Yongyi Li, which are specifically tailored for CSEG members. Please go to the convention website, www.GEOconvention.org, for further information.


Doodletrain had another successful year with 23 courses offered last fall. Look for more exciting and interesting courses to be available in 2009.

Microseismic Workshop

A Microsesimic workshop is being organized for the fall of 2009. Watch the CSEG website and other advertisements in the next few months for details. A call for abstracts will be coming up shortly.

As you can see, there are many continuing educational events to participate in over the next several months, so please take the time to get involved. Please bookmark the CSEG website, www.cseg.ca, as your source of information for all CSEG endeavours. In addition to participating in these activities, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer within the CSEG organization, just contact the CSEG office. The CSEG is your society—make it work for you. See you at the events!



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