For the past year I have been your volunteer Assistant Director of Educational Services for the CSEG, under the tutelage of Bill Nickerson, the present Director.

In March I will be taking over as Director, and will be welcoming Jennifer Leslie-Panek as Assistant Director. I look forward to working with her and the rest of the volunteers in this Committee to continue to fulfill the Educational Services role for the upcoming year.

One aspect of Educational Services is the Monthly Technical Luncheon. Every effort is made to bring the CSEG Membership talks that are both informative and interesting. The Luncheons are a great place to mingle with your colleagues from other companies, and to hear about things of interest to the Geophysical Community.

This coming year my goal is to attract a broader range of attendees, by inviting in quality speakers whose presentation subject appeals to the overall membership.

One type of presentation that we could use more of is the ‘case study’. Integration of Geophysical methods, be it acquisition/ processing/ interpretation, with Geological and/or Engineering challenges. I know for myself, this type of talk was always of great use and interest.

Talks of this nature can come from Exploration Companies, either big or small, as well as Processing and Acquisition Companies. Work done by the Government or Universities can also fit the bill for both an informative and interesting talk.

Quite often we have something we are working on, that we have to polish up to get presented in house. With some modification to exclude proprietary/ nondisclosure information, these in house presentations could be quite quickly suited to a Luncheon presentation.

The CSEG provides many avenues around which continuing education, knowledge sharing, personal interaction, and camaraderie amongst the entire national membership can occur.

Along with the Technical Luncheons there is the Lunchbox Geophysics series in Calgary. The Annual Convention offers a wide array of oral and poster presentation, as well as workshop and course learning. The Distinguished Lecture Tour is a recognized Geophysical presentation that travels the country. Doodletrain and DISC bring to you courses related to the Geophysical Industry. Outreach goes out to the Pre and Post Secondary Institutes, promoting and educating about the field of Geophysics.

Information about all the Educational Services provided by the CSEG can be found under Education and Events at Soon we will have a robust website for online administration of these events.

It’s fun to share and show off the interesting things we work on. As incoming Director of Educational Services for the CSEG, I am appealing to you, the Members, to come forward with your ideas. The continuing education and knowledge sharing of our Society depends on your input and support of all these services provided to you. Volunteer, Participate, Attend, and Enjoy!



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