The past 12 months has been significant in terms of change for the CSEG. From the very successful start to what will be an annual joint convention with the CSPG, to the new CSEG Foundation receiving the all-important charitable status, to finally the CSEG moving into a new office alongside the CSPG. These three significant changes have paved a path to what will hopefully become a stronger and more dynamic CSEG in the years ahead.

The second convention under the new format was just as successful as last years. Once again approximately 4500 delegates attended and it was mentioned that the CSEG/CSPG convention is likely the 3rd largest geosciences gathering in the world. Both societies are currently working to establishing a long-term agreement regarding the convention as it just makes sense to continue on with this format. As for our office arrangement it has been almost a year since we moved to share a floor with CSPG. It has been a good move for the CSEG on many fronts and it now seems like we have always been here. The CSEG Foundation has been organizing itself over the past year and are now well on their way to becoming an important entity to help fund educational activities and student scholarships.

What’s next? We have a committee working toward s updating our database system to allow members to renew their memberships and register for programs on-line. The plan is to choose a software package by the end of June and then spend the next 3 months to load, train and basically work out the glitches. Our goal is to be ready for the 2008 membership renewals this November. As well the 6th Annual DoodleTrain is scheduled for November 5-9, 2007 and this program just seems to grow more and more. Our Outreach committee is still going strong and plan to attend more career fairs this year to spread the news about geophysics and the CSEG. Other major activities like the RECORDER and Technical Luncheons continue to be popular and financially are holding their own, and let’s not forget the good work our social committees do in regards to the Doodlebug, Doodlespiel and Ski-Spree. These three events have maintained their popularity over the years and those committees deserve huge thanks in promoting fellowship among our membership.

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