I started my tenure with the CSEG as part of the first Outreach Committee, under the leadership of Barb Young. It was this experience that first showed me what an organization like the CSEG is capable of, and what a great way to meet people as well!

I started working on the Convention committee with Laurie Ross in 2004, and enjoyed it so much that I stayed on as treasurer for 2005 also! That committee was much larger with a definite focus, and helped me to identify what I love (and don’t love!) about volunteering with the CSEG. The people are amazing. There are a lot of people from all aspects of the industry who volunteer, but what they all have in common is a passion for geophysics and a genuine interest in seeing the CSEG thrive. It’s a very ‘of the people, for the people’ kind of place.

Jim Stenhouse conned me into running for an executive position last year, and my only moment of hesitation was deciding which portfolio I thought I could benefit the most. Given my penchant for talking, I decided on Communications. Working with Sandy Lucas on this committee has been an absolute BLAST, as most of you likely understand. She’s been an amazing mentor and friend, and has a solid understanding of the industry, its people, and the society. While she is moving on from the executive this year, she will continue to share her knowledge by helping out on numerous sub-committees and social events. Thanks so much for the last year Sandy.

With the leadership of Satinder Chopra, the RECORDER continues to be a respected technological publication, as well as an entertaining read (for those who see enough equations in their day to day life!) Each month has a different focus theme, attempting to both educate and entertain our members. We are always looking for new ideas and focus articles, so please don’t hesitate to contact Satinder or myself if there’s a paper you’d like published, or a topic you’d like to see pursued!

The up-coming year promises to be a busy one for the Communications Portfolio. With the addition of Corey Hooge on the Website Committee, we are initiating some technological advances for the website. Currently, we are pursuing upgrading the membership database from its current archaic Access Database status. Once we have accomplished this, we will be looking at automating as many processes as possible, from on-line membership renewals/payments, to luncheon ticket ordering and event registrations. We are hoping to complete most of this by the end of the year, but in the event that some timelines have to be pushed back (don’t they always?), then Michael Enaschescu, the new Asst. Director of Communications, will continue the work when he takes over next year.

I’m looking forward to an exciting and busy year. I hope you are too!



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