Back about 10 months ago Peter Cary asked if I would be interested in running for Assistant Director of Communications for the CSEG Executive Committee. My first reaction was to ask how much time commitment is there. The last thing I wanted to do was jeopardize my job with Sensor Geophysical, especially since I just had recently joined them. I spoke to different CSEG members about being on the Executive Committee and the Communication position and found positive feedback. For me, if I am part of a committee or any type of team with a mandate, I want to make some kind of an impact while I am there. It turns out that you really make it what you want.

Part of the responsibility that I have as Assistant Director of Communications is helping out with the website and the RECORDER, along side the Director, Jason Choo. During our monthly executive meetings we discuss different issues that need addressing. What I like to look at is how things can become easier for the members and what information is needed to improve the quality of the CSEG’s communication tools.

Speaking to a few of you out there and collecting your comments and feedback, it helped identify some needs for our website. At the same time I was happy to hear that you a re enjoying the RECORDER and have seen continued improvements over the years. I personally have to agree. (Keep up the good work everyone!) I am happy to be a part of a team that is committed to getting things done. I am proud to say we have in the plan for 2006 to introduce on-line voting and on-line registration through the CSEG website. We hope this will provide a quicker and easier flow of information. After all, our industry is about technology so we should step up to the plate and offer more of it ourselves.

I have another year to go as a voting member and will continue to enjoy learning more about the CSEG and what it has to offer our members and the community. I admire everyone who dedicates any amount of their time volunteering to help our organization grow and continue to improve. There will always be room for improvement and together we can make a difference.

I would like to end by telling you how lucky I feel to be a part of this incredible industry and the “one of a kind” Calgary market. I sincerely thank everyone who took the time to offer their fellowship, cooperation, encouragement and knowledge to me, which helped in getting me to where I am today and where I am going in the future. You have made my career path in Calgary unforgettable. I encourage anyone out there who is looking to advance by gaining knowledge or assisting others in their career path to get out there and network to meet more people. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. All of us can only benefit from it.



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