I am probably one of the few in our industry that can say “I was born and raised in Calgary and grew up in the Oil & Gas industry”. My father spent his entire career within the Oil & Gas industry of Calgary and growing up in such a vibrant city and listening to positive, exciting discussions about our Oil and Gas community it is little wonder why I continued to live in Calgary and work in the same industry.

Upon graduation from the University of Lethbridge I found employment at Geo-X Systems Ltd. (ARAM24 Division). I count myself as being very fortunate to have worked for such a wonderful company where management provided me with the freedom to learn all I could about the ARAM24 Recording System. The knowledge of this recording system I took with me to Arcis Geophysical as Marketing Manager where, in turn, I again was very lucky to have worked with very talented people.

Arcis Geophysical was purchased by Tesla Exploration Ltd., where I now reside as Marketing Manager – North America. During my employment at Tesla Exploration Ltd. I have been given the opportunity to help expand the U.S. market, which has been very exciting. I am astonished at how receptive the U.S. geophysical community has been to Tesla Exploration. My travels to Denver, Oklahoma City and Houston continually uncover very professional, courteous geophysicists who have a keen interest in our recording technology and the Canadian geophysical community as a whole. Geophysicists in the U.S. are always eager to hear of the exploration in the WCSB and the environmental and technological challenges we face.

As for now, Tesla Exploration continues to grow rapidly by expanding our client base in the U.S. and Canada coupled with purchasing new recording equipment and source types like the new (for 2006) “Mini” EnviroVibes. I am blessed to be able to call Tesla Exploration home. We have a very positive outlook and see the geophysical community as being a vibrant one with boundless opportunity.

As a member of the CSEG Executive Committee (Director of Finance for 2006) I remain optimistic for the year ahead. As a whole, I see the exploration budgets for local Oil & Gas companies remaining high and, knowing this, a positive year for the Geophysical community lies ahead. As we all know, the CSEG Committee is a non-profit society however; making a profit when times are good is advantageous to the well–being of the CSEG. As the Director of Finance I will strive to maintain and control this coming year’s budget with the aim of making a profit.

There are wonderful new groups and sub-committees which exist requiring capital to flourish which in turn will strengthen the CSEG as a whole. For example, The Young Geophysicists Forum and a new CSEG membership drive into the U.S., Eastern Canada and Career Fairs are fantastic ideas that will be encouraged to grow through monetary donations by the CSEG.

I look forward to the future. I believe the Geophysical community will maintain a strong presence within Calgary and the Oil and Gas community for years to come. The high price of natural gas and oil is encouraging exploration companies both big and small to explore throughout North America. I have been told that this article will appear in the December issue of the RECORDER and I would like to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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