At the end of my three year tenure, I am struck by the achievements of the CSEG as a relatively small society compared to the SEG or EAGE. We have an enviable balance sheet and continue to generate surplus funds from events such as the Doodletrain and the Annual Convention. The significant success of these activities stem from both the tireless and innovative efforts of our volunteers as well as the CSEG membership’s undiminished appetite for technical exchange, be this for new technology or continuing education. I include the membership in these accomplishments as we collectively determine the direction and create the essence of what characterizes the CSEG. These activities continue to define our primary mandate to promote the science of applied geophysics and the networking or business opportunities this creates. However beyond this technical aspect of our society, a spirit of volunteerism, co-operation and camaraderie further defines the CSEG through its social events as evidenced by the ever popular Doodlebug, Doodlespiel and Ski Spree.

In my President’s report a year ago, I indicated that the Executive had initiated discussion and meetings aimed at the creation of a CSEG Foundation as a source of additional funding for existing and new initiatives in education and outreach projects. I can now report that we are in the process of filing the legal documents to create the CSEG Foundation that should be in operation by year end. This is timely as a primary aim of the Foundation would be to prudently direct surplus funds from the financial success of the CSEG over the past few years back into the Canadian geophysical community. In addition, the Foundation has a mandate to solicit additional donations beyond those currently generated by the Scholarship Fund whose function will continue within the Foundation.

I have felt privileged to be a member and volunteer in the CSEG as our society plays such an important and dynamic role in maintaining and fostering technical excellence in our geophysical community as well as being the centre of its networking and social activities. I would also like to express my sincere appreciation for the dedication and help I have received from all Executive and committee members as well as the CSEG office staff. I feel very fortunate and honoured to have had the opportunity to serve on the Executive through these outstanding years, from both a financial and developmental perspective.



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