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The Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists ( CSEG ) is undergoing rapid change and growth. The society has undertaken several tasks and initiatives that have fostered this evolutionary process. The CSEG bylaws were revised and implemented a couple of years ago with the approval of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists ( SEG ). The most significant revision was perhaps that elected members now join an expanded CSEG Executive. Terms of office were expanded to a two year term. The elected person functions as the assistant to their elected portfolio the first year, and acts as the director of it the following year. This has many advantages; for not only does it provide an opportunity for the elected person to "learn the ropes" for one year, but an expanded Executive can now be more proactive with various initiatives as there are double the number of people around the table to share the work. Enhanced communication between the Executive and the numerous committees has been the most immediate change witnessed. The CSEG Executive has recently rolled out potential operational and procedural guidelines to the numerous CSEG committees so as to provide some structure and consistency within the society's operations. It is not the intent of the CSEG Executive to meddle in the activities of the various committees but minimum communication, budgetary and financial reporting requirements exist to which the CSEG Executive are held accountable to the membership and Revenue Canada. The CSEG Executive also must ensure that committee activities comply with the CSEG code of ethics.

The CSEG office has also undergone significant changes. The office staff was expanded a couple of years ago with the addition of Mr. Jim Racette as Managing Director. Subsequent staffing changes have seen Mr. Racette become responsible for our office in Calgary, commissioning part-time support from Mrs. Debbie Bradley three (3) days a week. All of our accounting has been outsourced to Association Plus lnc., an agency accustomed to working with nonprofit organizations. This service provides professional accounting practices for our record keeping, and financial quality assurance for our members. The CSEG website has been updated and is currently being handled by this firm as well. More timely updates are now posted on our website, making it a more valued service to our members. Our volunteers comprise the backbone of our committee labour resource however, as the society has grown, it has become necessary to secure professional services to enhance the society's service to its members. This has all been accomplished without increasing our overall net operating costs appreciably. Our office lease was renegotiated for another five (5) year term with renovations to the front entrance way being included at no charge at the time of renewal. In addition to these changes, the CSEG office in Calgary is fast becoming a "communication hub" for the society and its numerous committees. The possible implementation of the CSEG Committee Operating Procedures could help to provide a framework for process and structure within the society that will permit the CSEG office to run more smoothly, consistently and proactively. In so doing, the CSEG office is now providing more effective communication links and office services for the society.

The society has taken many initiatives to broaden its perspective with the creation of three standing committees. The Chief Geophysicists Forum (CGF ) decided to join the CSEG as a standing committee a couple of years ago. This group acts as a " think tank " to identify and address issues of importance to the geophysical discipline. The Geotechnical Support Committee ( GTS ), predominantly comprised of technicians and technologists within the industry, was created as a standing committee a year ago . This initiative strengthens and broadens the society to include people involved in technical aspects of geophysics as well as the science itself. This committee also functions as a "think tank" and /or a "sounding board" for topics and issues of importance to those in the geophysical technical services sector. It is hoped that through the efforts of this committee, the society can address technical issues of importance that will serve all our members and attract new members to the society. The Master License Agreement ( MLA ) was another initiative that Significantly changed the role of the society as we know it today. The MLA proposes an industry standard licensing agreement for the purchase of third party seismic data . It endeavours to clarify the rules governing data ownership, its privileges, obligations and the broker's responsibilities. Through this initiative, the CSEG has broken new ground and has taken on a heightened role within the oil industry. While not dictating how work is performed, the society is now offering to industry a document which may become an accepted industry standard. This document will provide a valued service to CSEG members involved in third party data transactions as well as providing a valued service to our corporate members. These initiatives are examples of a new trend within the CSEG, one of heightened services for individual and corporate members. The MLA committee has completed its work; a standing committee has taken over the responsibility for receiving industry feedback and recommending any changes, if any, in future editions of the document.

The Recorder has experienced a face-lift with the injection of more high quality content. The Recorder is our principal publication shared with the membership. This investment in content has raised the bar on this valued service to the membership however it does not occur without additional expense. The CSEG Executive hopes that the investment in quality will be offset with enhanced advertising contributions by vendors, as the Recorder becomes perceived as a more valued advertising vehicle.

On the educational front, the society is supporting the Geoscience Professional Development Centre (GPDC) being established at the University of Calgary. The centre will essentially be a PC computer based laboratory that will be a venue for Continuing Education courses for seasoned professionals. Located at the university, the centre will be a resource for geoscience students also. The CSEG hopes that the centre will assist the Continuing Education program already offered and provide enhanced educational opportunities for our members.



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