Over the years I have volunteered on many industry-related committees. Having done that you get to see how many organizations are structured and how their business is conducted. This year I am serving as the Assistant Director of Finance for the CSEG. The 'new look' of the executive this year is really something we can build on. By introducing assistants there is a better flow of information from one year to the next. You can ease into your primary role as Director a lot easier. This will make the executive a lot more effective, as the learning curve for new incoming CSEG Directors is virtually nonexistent. With so many simultaneous and continuous initiatives in the CSEG this is very important. At the CSEG we have numerous commitments and they have to be organized for our members hip. Your membership value is directly related to how well the Society is managed.

Speaking of management, we are very fortunate to have such a valuable resource called our membership. This is our source of volunteers . Each year people, members, give freely, their time to make the CSEG the best society for you and the best way I know to thank them is to participate in society events. Your participation and satisfaction is what drives these volunteers. Keep it up!

Next annual general meeting, coming up in March, look closely at the finances of the society. I know from where I sit, we have a big budget. We take in a lot of revenues during the year. We have a lot of expenses during the year. Your executive seeks to identify the best initiatives each year that provide the best value for our membership.

Thanks for the opportunity to work for you.

About Dave Siegfried

In between grade 10 and 11,my father decided I needed to get off his payroll and so I worked on a seismic crew that summer. I really liked it and although I did not know it then, I would become a lifer in the seismic acquisition business. My first taste of seismic though, I worked in PEL Well, that was really like a vacation. After graduating from St. Francis High School in Calgary in 1970, I went back to a seismic crew that summer. Well, the vacation was over. I ended up in a camp, northwest of Calgary, in muskeg past you know where and riding in nod wells sure beat walking. Still though, seismic was just a job. Each year I attended U of Alberta and each year I worked on a crew in the summers. I got to see places in Western Canada and the Unite d States that not many people ever have the luxury of seeing. Most though would not go to these places for vacations. Two springs even found me in the high arctic. Melville and Prince of Wales Islands meant nothing to me then, just a job. I graduated in 1974 with my Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and minor in Geology. I know what - do you do with that? I do not know either, but, when I got out, I needed money. Guess where I went.

The one thing I noticed right away when I went to work full time was I was not a juggie or a rodman anymore. For the next several years I worked as a Surveyor, Observer and Party Manager. Then, in a weak moment and an industry slowdown I went back to school. I had been away from academia for some time and was a little anxious. I was working in the United States at the time and thought that Houston would be a good place to spend the winters. I went to work as a seismic data processor at an oil company during the day and went to school at night. (No life at that time). After some time, I received my MBA in 1979 from U of Houston. Then, missing the change of seasons and yes snow, I came home. Well, guess where I went.

Yes, in late 1979, I missed running a crew so I went out as a Party Manager again. Here I met my wife . First, on the telephone (Yeah, Yeah); she was a client at the time and back then we called in daily reports (not that long ago though). We spoke on the phone for some months and then we met when I delivered a box of seismic data to her at her office. Peggy and I have been married for 22 years. We have two daughters, Jill, attending U of Lethbridge and Kari in Grade12. (Both girls graduating from St. Francis High School, and they never let me forget what my graduation picture looks like.)

Much of my field experience was gained working for CanWest Geophysical/Dresser Olympic/Grant Geophysical (all one company, early mergers and acquisitions). My Data Processing experience was from Superior Oil Company's research lab.

From 1981, much of the next several years found me working in Calgary as an Operations Supervisor and Sales Manager. Then we all moved to Anchorage,Alaska, in 1989, where I was the Manager of Geophysical Services. We had an acquisition and processing office in Anchorage. After almost two years we returned to Calgary where I worked as the Manager for Canada Operations. This was for Sonics Exploration/Schlumberger Geco Prakla.

After about 11 years there, I moved to a small Canadian company. Initially I had hoped to be the succession plan for the owners. But again, we started the mergers and acquisitions. We changed hands several times. Ultimately, I was the Manager of Canada Operations . This work was with JRS Exploration/3D Geophysical/Western Geophysical/Baker Hughes.

Then, in 2001, I moved to another small Canadian company, where I am currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of Trace Energy Services Ltd. Well guess what happened. Stay tuned.

I enjoy being able to volunteer for our industry societies and committees. It is a great way to meet people. You can usually find Dave and Peggy at many of the CSEG social events. We also enjoy horseback riding and golfing.

I have previously served on many industry/government committees, the CAGC as Chairman, Vice Chairman and a Director, CSEG and am an active member in the CSEG and CSPG. Currently, I am serving with the CSEG Executive as Assistant Director of Finance.



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