If I am writing this message then it must be a New Year. As I now approach the end of my first year of a two-year commitment to the CSEG Executive Committee I must reflect on the motive that would lead one to make such a commitment. My personal motive was the desire to "put back in" to a society and industry which has brought me both personal and professional growth.

The CSEG has many faces. We are a technical society; we are a social society; we are a forum for continuing education, and we are a resource for information on many topics concerned with geophysics. Our membership is a cross-section of the industries in which we all work or have worked. From the academics to the interpreters, and from the suppliers of goods and services to the manufacturers of the various hardware and software products we employ.

As the Assistant Director of Member Services I took great interest in trying to get a feel for the makeup of our membership. The membership summary in the 2000 Photo Directory uses 9 pages to list our members by company affiliation. We have a number of members who have no corporate affiliation (maybe they are between jobs). The companies listed cover: Oil companies, Universities, Consultants, Contractors, Processors, Explosive Supplies, Rental Companies, Instrument Manufacturers, Survey Companies, Software Developers, Advertising Companies, and Exhibition Service Companies.

Why do I point all of this out? Well mostly to give praise to those who have come before us. For over fifty years the CSEG has drawn together this very diverse group of people with different interests. Either through our technical programs or our social "networking" events we have provided a service which is worth while. It is my sincere hope that we may continue to do so.

How can you help? Firstly, by keeping abreast of the different services that are available to you as a member. Secondly, if you feel you are truly benefiting from your membership then consider "putting a little back in." There are many small and large committees within our society, which are always looking for new blood. If you see something that interests you give the appropriate committee a call and take that first dangerous step: VOLUNTEER! And finally, if there is anything that you need from the CSEG as a whole, please contact our office to ask for advice and re-direction to those that can help.

Let me finish by wishing all of our members Health and Prosperity in the coming year.



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