When I became a member of the Executive earlier this year I was amazed at how many different activities our Society is involved in the list is quite impressive. Of course, none of this would be possible without the valuable contribution of our members (particularly our many devoted volunteers) and our corporate sponsors. I salute you all.

The Society has been going through some growing pains this year, but I am confident that this will lead to a better and stronger CSEG in the future.

I am particularly excited about our Out-Reach initiatives to provide more services to our existing members outside of Calgary and to attract new members from throughout the Canadian exploration geophysical community, and not just from the petroleum sector. Over the coming years, I would like to see the CSEG truly become the premier exploration geophysical organization within Canada.

I encourage all of you to add to your education and knowledge-base by taking advantage of the many courses offered by the Continuing Education Committee and by attending the CSEG annual convention and the monthly luncheon talks , or by pursuing certificate, diploma or degree programs at post secondary educational institutions. I also encourage you to share your geophysical knowledge and expertise with the rest of the membership by publishing papers and/or presenting talks. If you are interested in doing a CSEG luncheon talk, please contact Helen Isaac or myself.

I strongly believe that the key to the future lies in education. This is true not only in geophysics and exploration, but also for society in general and the world as a whole.



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