"Nothing has really happened until it has been recorded"
Virginia Woolf

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of viewing some of CSEG's early (1958-1985) records archived at Calgary's Glenbow Museum. This collection of information including minutes, social functions, membership listings, photographs and other interesting memorabilia – provided a fascinating glimpse of our society's history and a better understanding of just how important the past is to our future.

Having little knowledge about the historical workings of the society and its social activities of the past, I was intrigued to see the names and photographs of those recognized as being part of CSEG's heritage. I was especially impressed by the level of commitment displayed by the geophysical community throughout the years and its dedication to the on going success of society members.

Since some of these records are the only tangible links to our history, the Executive and staff have launched an initiative to retrieve and submitadditionalarchivalinformationsince1985.This undertaking is a vital component to ensuring that the society we continue to build becomes an integral part our history and not merely a thing of the past.

Today, CSEG has grown into a solid membership of geophysicists, technologists, technicians, clerical, office administration and field personnel, and although things have changed considerably since 1949, one thing has remained a constant – the need for effective and meaningful communications.

The CSEG Website is an important communication tool for today's members. The Executive recognizes that maintaining the site is a high priority. Accordingly, incentives are currently underway to strike a Website Committee, which will be chaired by Satinder Chopra.

The CSEG is currently seeking more volunteers to sit on this committee. Your participation would be greatly appreciated and will help to carry on the tradition established by the pioneers of our society more than 50 years ago – to promote the science of geophysics.



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