Executive Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the CSEG Executive Meeting held September 7, 1994 at the CSEG Office.

Present Bill Goodway, Barry Korchinski, Don Lawton, Heather Payne, Randy Green

The meeting was called to order at 11 :27 a.m. by 1st Vice President Barry Korchinski.

The minutes of the July 21 Executive Meeting were approved as amended. Motion by Bill. Seconded by Barry. Carried.


  • Discussion continued regarding the planning for co-hosting the '96 SEG Convention with the Denver Geophysical Society. this motion was tabled to a later meeting with more executive members present.



Bill Goodway

  • A long list of previous CSEG members has been under review by Bill and will circulate amongst the Executive in order to identify potential names to be contacted for reinstatement.
  • Motion to approve 8 applications for new membership or reinstatement. Moved by Bill. Seconded by Don. Carried.


Barry Korchinski (for Bill Bradley)

  • Bill submitted the treasurer's report along with the 1994 CSEG budget for both year to date and forecast of 1994 actuals. Main conclusions are; Membership revenue is on target while the Joint Convention recovery, RECORDER and Luncheon revenues will be above budget. Administration expenses are below budget. A cheque for $150,000 is on its way from the joint Convention with an estimated $30-40,000 to follow after all expenses have been paid.
  • Little progress has been made on updating the CSEG accounting software due to vacations.
  • Barry will contact the Photo Directory Committee for a progress report.

Recorder Editors

Heather Payne (for Sheila Conner and John Townsley)

  • September's issue is out and October's is in the works.

Journal Editor

Barry Korchinski (for Mel Best)

  • There are six papers for the June Journal which will be in production soon.
  • Four papers have been received for the December "International" issue but only one is an international topic.
  • Mel has a potential replacement as Journal Editor but wants discussion with Gary prior to confirming.

Office Manager

Heather Payne

  • A new monitor for the Office Computer is on order under direction of Don and Malcolm at U. of C.
  • Aubrey Kerr has asked for advertising cards promoting his new book "Redwater" to be placed on the tables at the September 13th Lunch meeting. This was agreed upon.

First Vice-President

Barry Korchinski

  • Judi MacDonald has requested on behalf of a Nepalese government delegation that they be allowed a five minute presentation on upcoming lease licensing in Nepal at the September Luncheon. It was decided to reserve a table for the delegation and let Gary make an announcement about the delegation and obtaining information, but not to have a separate presentation. Barry will contact Gary about this.

Second Vice-President

Don Lawton

  • The head table and other arrangements are in hand for the September luncheon. Gary will introduce the speaker. Allin Folinsbee was suggested as a possible thanker. Barry will call him.
  • Don inquired as to whether a Reservoir Characterization talk from Western Atlas would be of interest or possibly too much of a sales pitch as it is based entirely on their software package. This presentation should be reviewed by Don in case the advertising aspects overwhelmed some generally interesting case studies.
  • Luncheon Speakers have been lined up to February '95. Don is considering inviting Ann McLellan (Minister of Natural Resources Canada) to talk at the Annual Luncheon meeting in March. This idea was met with strong approval.
  • Don reported that the Westin has increased the cost of the luncheons. He would have liked prices to remain constant until the end of the year, but it is unlikely. As a result of this, a motion was made to raise the luncheon ticket price to $17.00 instead of the original $16.00 discussed at a previous meeting to take effect as of the October Luncheon. Moved by Don. Seconded by Barry. Carried.


Barry Korchinski (for Gary Taylor)

  • Bill Goodway will write a formal Thank-you letter to Jim and Ursula Brown for their hospitality in hosting the July 21st meeting.
  • All UDP equipment is up and running except the monitor (presently loaned to Heather).
  • An invitation from Ann McLellan (Minister of Natural Resources Canada) for Gary to attend a regional conference about Science and Technology Policy in Saskatoon, September 8 & 9th, will be attended by Gary Billings in Gary's absence.
  • September luncheon items that have been arranged include: SEG Silver Certificate presentations; presentation to Neil Rutherford for co-chairing the 1994 CSEG/CSPG Convention; Dorothy-Ann Reimer will have an announcement regarding the Consultant's Directory; Elaine Honsberger will report on the CGC; and a formal call for 1995 Executive Nominees.


1995 CSEG Convention Chairman

Randy Green

  • The theme of the 1995 Convention is "Exploration Revival: Adding New Value in a Mature Basin".
  • Randy reported that the convention committee had met the previous evening and had come up with some suggestions for change. One main change is in refocusing papers with a balance of 50% interpretation case studies and 50% more general applied geophysics. Denise Poley is the Technical Chairman with backing from Rob Stewart and Peter Cary. Some ideas on case studies are: 1) Geographic or Stratigraphic sessions incorporating everything about a play (e.g. from acquisition to interpretation) - ideas for topics will be circulated at the luncheons for membership response; 2) The need for influential people to coordinate sessions in addition to actively soliciting papers from industry and encouraging greater participation and support from managers/president of companies; 3) Award a more significant best paper award to encourage best efforts; 4) Fund slide preparation support especially for smaller companies with limited resources. The current plan is for 4-5 sessions out of 13-15 to remain purely technical.
  • In addition APEGGA is celebrating its 75th Anniversary over the first convention weekend, with public displays at the Olympic Plaza. The thought is for the CSEG to participate and capitalize on such an advertising opportunity especially in promoting public awareness (e.g. careers for school kids). A sub-committee will be set up with Barb Young as a potential volunteer leader assisted by Rob Stewart as APEGGA liaison and general contact person.
  • Barry proposed a strong CSEG endorsement for both these initiatives proposed by Randy.
  • Other suggestions for change would be to bring the Convention accounting into the CSEG Office (this would require some of Heather's time, but it was stressed that the committee ensure that she is not left to deal with all the convention accounting by default) as well as possibly implementing block registrations in individual companies at a reduced cost for increased attendance.
  • The Committee requires a $10,000 start up fund, and it is predicted there will be a $40,000 recovery.
  • Randy would also like to make a preliminary announcement at the September Luncheon, and have a spot reserved at all future luncheons.


The next Executive Meeting will be held October 5th at 11:00 a.m. at the CSEG Office. The Meeting was adjourned at 1:20 p.m.



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