Minutes of the CSEG Executive Meeting held March 3, 1994 at the CSEG Office

Present: Elaine Honsberger, Bill Davitt, Heather Payne, Michael Enachescu, Gary Taylor, Debbie White, Barbara Young, Gary Billings, Barry Korchinski, Dave Hutchinson, Jim Brown, Nancy Shaw, Don Lawton, Bill Bradley, Bill Goodway.

The meeting was called to order at 11:15 a.m. by Bill Davitt.

There was a change to the minutes of the meeting held February 6, 1994: The cost benefits indicated by Elaine Honsberger should have read $200 to $400 per month, not per annum. These minutes were approved: Moved: Gary Taylor, Seconded: Bill Davitt, Carried.


Michael Enachescu

  • Mike reviewed some of the luncheon procedures for the benefit of the incoming 2nd VP.
  • Dates for all of the luncheon meetings for 1995 have been fixed.


Elaine Honsberger

  • Relating to the Canadian Geoscience Council meeting in Ottawa in January, Elaine presented a draft for the CSEG's proposal for the mission statement for the CGC. It was realised the CGC would have submissions from many member organizations, and that the mission which they adopt may be quite different from this.
  • Elaine looked into the possibility of the payroll being done by the bank, and recommended this not be done.
  • There was discussion of a retirement plan for CSEG staff. Motion: That the CSEG should implement a retirement plan for its staff effective from January 1, 1994. Moved: Elaine Honsberger, Seconded: Gary Taylor, Carried.


Dave Hutchinson

  • Motion: to accept three applications for membership/reinstatement into the CSEG subject to receipt of the correct fees and photos. Moved: Dave Hutchinson, Seconded Bill Davitt, Carried.
  • Received a quote for producing a new CSEG Photo Directory and at a very small extra cost we can have all the photographs digitised and accessible by WordPerfect. The advertising revenue is expected to approximately cover the cost of publication. We shall continue to make plans for publication in March of 1995.


Debbie White & Barbara Young

  • Relevant classified advertisements are now being accepted for publication in the Recorder. It was agreed that these should be free up to a maximum of 15 words for a single issue.
  • A Calgary company was looking for slides showing seismic recording activities, various leads were suggested.


Nancy Shaw

  • The balance sheet to February 28th together with income and expense sheets for January & February were presented. A detailed spread sheet showing income and expenses from 1984 to 1993 which Gary Taylor had worked on was circulated.
  • There was some discussion about the treasurer's duties, as described in the executive manual. These duties will be reviewed and updated.
  • There has been a recommendation that all CSEG Convention accounting should be recorded with the CSEG accounts. At present there is a single entry each year for the convention profit/loss. Since the Convention budget is of a similar size to the remainder of the CSEG budget, all parties might prefer to have book keeping performed in one place.


Heather Payne

  • Silicon Graphics has offered to load a dual head indigo computer for our User Development system. This would be loaded with software from Photon Systems, and possibly Geoquest. The SUN user development system is still not able to run Landmark because it needs 64 Meg of memory, and more disk. Kelman has offered to donate 1.8 Gigabytes of disk.


Heather Payne

  • Heather showed examples of plaques which she can have made to acknowledge corporate members and smaller plaques for individuals to recognize committee and volunteer work. Heather Payne that the CSEG should adopt a policy of recognising corporate memberships with plaques. Moved: Jim Brown, Seconded, Gary Taylor, Carried. Motion that the CSEG should adopt a policy of recognising committee members making a significant contribution to the society with plaques. Moved: Nancy Shaw, Seconded, Jim Brown, Carried.


Bill Davitt

  • Appropriate pages of the Executive Committee Procedures Manual have been circulated to the present executive. Bill invites comments so that the manual may be kept up-to-date.
  • The CSEG Ladies Auxiliary has changed their name to the "CSEG Social Club". It has been normal for the CSEG to make an annual donation to this organization. Motion that the CSEG should donate $800 to the CSEG Social Club. Moved: Bill Davitt, Seconded, Gary Taylor, Carried.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:45 p.m.



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