Minutes of the CSEG Executive meeting held April 6, 1994 in the CSEG Office

Present: Gary Taylor, Barry Korchinski, Don Lawton, Bill Goodway, Bill Bradley, Diane Shao, Debbie White, Barbara Young, Bill Davitt, Heather Payne.

The meeting was called to order at 11:10 a.m. by Gary Taylor.

After a revision to the Minutes of March 3rd, the minutes were approved as amended. Motion Diane Shao, Seconded Bill Goodway, Carried.


Don Lawton

  • Don complimented Diane for being profiled in the recent publication of "Alberta Women in Science & Technology", produced by the Premiers' Council in Science & Technology, Province of Alberta.
  • Discussion was held regarding the drop in attendance at the CSEG luncheons. Don suggested possibly having more renowned speakers such as Yilmaz and Anstey might boost attendance. Bill Davitt suggested contacting the AAPG for their distinguished lecturers as potential speakers.
  • Dates for the 1995 luncheons at the Westin have been confirmed.
  • As the University of Calgary needs a new home for their DFS III with vehicle, the idea of a Geophysics Museum was suggested as a means of preserving such antiques, and suggested the possibility of it being located in Turner Valley. Several years ago a lot of old geophysical equipment was shipped to the Science Museum in Ottawa. Don highlighted the educational aspects of such a Museum and considered contacting other museums such as Tyrrell and Turner Valley.
  • SEG is looking for new ideas on teaching. Don and Rob Stewart recently developed a laptop PC course (i.e., loaded with GMA, Outrider, Vista, etc.) and have successfully used this approach at a Thailand University. Funding of about $50,000 is needed for such a lab, with a major contribution of Canadian software. Don strongly suggested that the CSEG get involved in this course concept in conjunction with the SEG. Barb cautioned that it might be problematic carrying computers to third world countries, and that there should be more focus on new topics such as case histories.
  • Gary was reminded to announce at the April Luncheon that the June Luncheon will be held June 16, with speaker Rutt Bridges presenting a talk on the "Future Role of the Seismic Method in Petroleum Exploration".
  • As Roy Lindseth was not present, his report on the J. Tuzo Wilson fundraising was postponed to a future meeting.


Debbie White & Barbara Young

  • Debbie, Barb and the new Recorder editors (John Townsley and Sheila Conner) plan to meet with Wayne Johnson from McAra Printing on Tuesday, April 12th to discuss McAra's concerns regarding scheduling.
  • Looking for an article for the June Recorder. Barry suggested a possible article on Sudhir Jain. Barb then inquired if the annual lunch photographs were ready for inclusion. The May Recorder is the convention issue, and is in hand.


Bill Goodway

  • Nine applications for membership/reinstatement into the CSEG were received. Motion to approve these applications, subject to receipt of the correct fee and photos. Moved Bill Goodway, Seconded Diane Shao, Carried.
  • As reminder notices for 1994 dues are scheduled to go out soon, it was suggested that a letter thanking members for their continued support and outlining the benefits of membership should be included. Another letter should be drafted for former members of the CSEG in an attempt to ascertain why they quit and to encourage them to reinstate. The SEG is now comparing other Societies membership listings to theirs and will be sending a list of their members in our area who are not members of the CSEG for possible candidates for membership.


Gary Taylor for Mel Best

  • Gary discussed the need for articles in both the June and December '94 issues of the Journal. The possibility of only one issue for 1994 was discussed. It was agreed that the December issue was necessary as it will have an international theme which will hopefully include CSEG Convention papers.
  • Mel will be in Calgary for the Convention in May and wishes to meet with the new Executive. It was decided to move the May meeting to May 9th at II :00 a.m. in the CSEG Office.


Bill Davitt

  • A preliminary timetable & budget proposal for the CSEG Photo Directory was distributed. Dave Hutchinson has agreed to direct this effort and chair this committee. McAra's bid compares favourably with the 1995 Photo Directory costs. Discussion was held regarding the format and the possibility of the photographs being scanned to produce a permanent digital record for about $3,000. If the directory is approved, work should commence soon to incorporate photos taken at the Convention and for publication in next year's Annual Report. The motion to proceed cautiously with a new Photo Directory and with the proviso the directory could be cancelled prior to committing to McAra in September, was Moved by Diane Shao, Seconded by Bill Goodway, Carried.
  • Bill Bradley asked about finishing the CSEG Consultant's Directory and the need for ongoing reports from M. Enachescu (Chairman of the Consultants Directory committee).


Diane Shao

  • Diane reported that the CSEG's employee RRSP initiative was still in progress. Funding is to occur in May, 1994.


Bill Bradley

  • Bill indicated that since the year end adjustments have not yet been received and finalized, no financial statements were available, but would report at the May meeting. Gary restated that a financial paper loss was incurred due to changes in the accounting practices of the CSEG between 1987 & 1988. Bill will be meeting with Nancy Shaw and Eldon Godfrey, the Auditor and will discuss this change.


Gary Taylor

  • John Peirce will be stepping down as Chairman of the APEGGA/CSEG/CSPG Liaison Committee but will remain on the committee for one more year. Brian Russell and Neil Rutherford require replacements, and Bill Davitt has agreed to replace Brian Russell.
  • Neil Rutherford, Bill May and Gerry D'Sorcy are to form another link for nominations, reviews, etc. Gary stated that the discipline committee had too Iowa representation from geophysics. He suggested having a committee connected and relevant to geophysicists as a disciplinary subcommittee. Jim Brown is presently on the APEGGA nominations committee and may be able to help.
  • Gary has been invited to the Annual APEGGA Meeting in Edmonton to deliver a speech. He asked the Executive for their recommendations and Bill Davitt responded that it was a good forum for complaints (i.e., dual memberships and requirement for membership). Discussion followed on completing the speech video in Calgary, so obviating the need to attend the annual meeting in person. It was decided to proceed with the video from Calgary.
  • Gary gave an update on the User Development Program. SGI implementation is not yet finalized. However, Kelman and Landmark, have donated 3 gig. of installed disk which is enough to proceed with the Sun workstation. Gary also asked members of the Executive to consider donating non proprietary datasets for the workstation, especially 3D's.
  • Diane Shao inquired as to the Career Brochures and was advised by Debbie and Barb that they were meeting with Don in May/June to discuss this.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 p.m.



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