Minutes of the Executive Meeting held March 8, 1995 at the CSEG Office

Present Gary Taylor, Barry Korchinski, Don Lawton, Diane Shao, Bill Bradley, John Townsley, Heather Payne, Howard Hepburn, Allin Folinsbee, Dave Komlodi, Bill Goodway.

The Meeting was called to order at 11:10 a.m. by President Gary Taylor.

Minutes of the January 11th Executive were approved with minor revisions. Moved Don Lawton. Seconded Bill Bradley. Carried.

Treasurer's Report

Bill Bradley

  • Audited financial statements for year end 1994 are complete and adjusting entries are forthcoming from the Auditor.
  • The 1995 proposed budget was circulated and the Secretary was asked to send a copy to the Auditor as part of the new Secretary's function. Adjustments to the proposed budget include increased revenue from member dues and interest and the requirement of having a balanced budget is reflected in the financial projections. It was suggested that having a balanced budget proposal and adhering to it as closely as possible become standard practice by the CSEG in any year.
  • It was also suggested that having restrictive funding not seriously hamper special publications by the Society such as the Anisotropy issue of the CJEG, as this type of publication furthered leading edge research.

Business Manager

Diane Shao

  • Diane has investigated outstanding advertising accounts. It has been suggested that the Advertiser's contract forms sent out by the Society be revised to include reserving the right to recover interest on delinquent accounts after a certain period, at the discretion of the Society's executive.
  • The employee benefits package has been changed to a new insurer providing lower rates and better coverage.
  • Diane suggested a couple of changes to the Business Managers duties and will be updated in the Procedures Manual.

Recorder Editor

John Townsley

  • Finances are in good shape due to outstanding efforts by Peter Snethlage, Advertising Manager.
  • Articles have been received for publication through to October.


Bill Goodway

  • Secretary duties were reviewed as respects the Booth Committee. Dave Komlodi has been in charge of the booth for several years, and indicated that the booth functioning continues autonomously. Without a specific chairman the Secretary will need to be aware of booth activities and promotion of the CSEG with respect membership drives, career brochure updating, upgrades to the existing booth. It was proposed a general Publicity Committee be formed to deal with these issues and report to the 1st Vice-President.
  • Sixteen applications for new/reinstating membership were received. Motion to approve these applications subject to all requirements being met, by Bill Goodway. Seconded by Gary Taylor. Carried.

First Vice-President

Barry Korchinski

  • The 1995 Convention is oversubscribed for papers and exhibitors, but most if not all of the subscribers will be accommodated.
  • The CSPG has approached us to give an announcement of their Advantage Program courses at our next luncheon. As there is insufficient time at the Annual Meeting, it was decided not to add anything further to the agenda. but suggest that brochures may be placed on the tables, and that announcements will be accommodated at the April Luncheon.
  • The new Photo Directory was unveiled and thanks to the Committee will be announced at the Annual Meeting.

Second Vice-President

Don Lawton

  • Don has abstracts for luncheon speakers to October for incoming 2nd VP Allin Folinsbee.
  • The Gallagher Library fund raising efforts are underway initially to ex-alumni, but CSEG support with advertising in the Recorder was proposed. Don will write a more formal request to the incoming executive. Motion to support the Gallagher Library funding appeal through the Recorder by Don. Seconded by John. Carried.
  • Arrangements for the Annual Meeting Luncheon were finalized.


Gary Taylor

  • Gary Taylor and Barry Korchinski discussed the possibility of a joint convention with the CSPG in 1996 given the insistence of the CSPG Executive that revenue sharing be changed to 60/40 (CSPG/CSEG) from 5O/5O. After hearing a detailed analysis of delegate and exhibitor revenues for the 1994 joint convention, the Executive voted unanimously against proceeding with a joint convention in 1996.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:12p.m.



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