Minutes of the CSEG Executive Meeting held February 8, 1995 at the CSEG Office. The meeting was called to order at 11:15 A.M.

Present Gary Taylor, Barry Korchinski, Don Lawton, Bill Davitt, Diane Shao, Bill Bradley, John Townsley, Sheila Conner, Heather Payne, Dan Hampson, Susan Eaton, Howard Hepburn, Allin Folinsbee, Dave Komlodi, Bill Goodway.

The CSEG Auditor, Eldon Godfrey gave an overview of the 1994 year end audit, and Paul Hummel, Bob Lewis, Bev Gray and Brian Russell gave an update on the SEG 2000 site visit.

Minutes of the January 11th meeting were approved as amended. Moved by Barry. Seconded Bill Goodway. Carried.


Bill Bradley

  • Eldon Godfrey circulated DRAFT copies of the 1994 Audited Financial Statement. The word "Loss" was changed to "Income" due primarily to the joint CSEGICSPG Convention. Membership income was slightly up while interest was down. Executive expenses were lower, member services showed a profit mainly due to Recorder advertising and administrative expenses were offset by convention support by Heather.
  • Bill indicated that due to an oversight, the ongoing copies of financial statements presented at each Executive meeting had not been passed on to Eldon through the year. The secretary is asked to circulate them with copies of the minutes.
  • After discussion, Bill Bradley moved to pass the 1994 financial statements subject to the provisos as outlined and proposed by Eldon. Seconded by Gary. Carried.

Business Manager

Diane Shao

  • The CSEG employee benefits package draft was reviewed by Diane especially the changes in disability benefits. Merit increases were discussed over and above the RRSP changes approved last year. Diane moved to approve a 5% merit increase with the present 3% LTD, for a total of 8%, in view of improved and essential performance by Heather in running the CSEG office. Seconded by Barry. Carried.


Bill Goodway

  • Thirty applications were received for new or reinstating memberships. Motion by Bill Goodway to approve these applications subject to all requirements being met. Seconded by Bill Bradley. Carried.


Gary Taylor

  • Gary introduced the SEG year 2000 convention site inspection team of Bev Gray, Bob Lewis, Paul Hummel and additionally Brian Russell, Chairman of TLE Editorial Board. The initial proposal by Bill Davitt in 1993 and continued efforts by Gary were reviewed, with the concerns over exhibition space. The present site inspection is the result of a positive response at both the last SEG Executive meeting and the SEG delegate reaction at the L.A. convention. Paul Hummel indicated that James Robertson (SEG president) was keen on the Calgary proposal. Bev Gray reviewed several issues such as: space logistics; meeting rooms; profits to the SEG and associated expenses - a strong volunteer force would help costs significantly. It was agreed that Gary would provide a supportive document with Rob Stewart for U. of C. involvement ego field trips etc. as an attachment to the site visit report in March. Bob Lewis mentioned that the spirit in Calgary was very positive and enthusiastic, ego hotels, city and developers, wanting to expand facilities. In addition the SEG wanted more "oil & gas venues" on the convention circuit as well as more cities in the NW US/Canada ego Denver in 1996 being co-hosted by the CSEG.
  • Gary discussed the results of the membership poll regarding frequency of joint CSEG/CSPG Conventions indicating that 60% wanted a frequency of less than 3 years. The revenue advantages to both Societies were reviewed against issues around the potential for increased frequency. It was agreed upon to continue discussion with the CSPG in order to arrive at a mutual agreement on the optimal frequency for joint conventions. Comparative figures for revenues from exhibitors etc. would be considered for past years.

Second Vice-President

Don Lawton

  • Head table arrangements were made for the February luncheon.
  • Don showed the luncheon attendance graph increases over the past two years from around 300 to presently 500, and has thanked Annet Shea for her ticket sales efforts.
  • A suggestion to include luncheon dates on tickets was noted and will be reviewed.
  • Luncheon speakers are booked through to June including the AGM speaker, Dr. Cannon. Ideas to update the speaker's memento included a suggestion by Dan to look into "Hidden Creek" memento products. Don will discuss options with Allin Folinsbee incoming 2nd VP.
  • Don announced that the 1994 Best Paper award had been decided and the award goes to Bill Goodway & Larry May for the presentation "Multicomponent Seismic and Borehole Experiment to Establish and Identify the Cause of Anisotropy in the 2nd White Specks at Garrington, Alberta".
  • The Foothills Atlas proposal and an initial response was retabled to the next Executive meeting along with the Gallagher Library support issue.

Recorder Editors

Sheila Conner & John Townsley

  • The regular Recorder articles on the environment will now be submitted by Miles Scott-Brown who is replacing Dick Arndt.
  • The outstanding 1994 advertising receivables, mentioned in the Auditors Report will be followed up.

First Vice-President

Barry Korchinski

  • The Photo Directory Committee should be officially thanked for their outstanding work in producing the 1994 directory at break even cost. Bill Goodway mentioned that thanks were due to appear in his Annual Report.
  • Barry reported that the Ski Spree will now be an ancillary committee under the CSEG as the Social Club has disbanded.
  • The 1995 Convention is on track.

Past President

Bill Davitt

  • The 1994 Executive committee are reminded to update their duties in the Procedures Manual for the incoming Executive.
  • Gary will review the CSEG by-laws this year in his capacity as Past President. The meeting was adjourned at 1:45 pm. The next meeting will be on March 8th at the CSEG Office.



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