Minutes of the CSEG Executive Meeting held January 10, 1995 at the CSEG Office. The meeting was called to order at 11:05 a.m.

Present Gary Taylor, Barry Korchinski, Don Lawton, Bill Davitt, Diane Shao, Bill Bradley, John Townsley, Sheila Conner, Elaine Honsberger, Heather Payne, Bill Goodway. Ross Huntley and Mike O'Neil from CANPIC gave a short presentation.

Minutes of the November and December Executive Meetings were approved as amended. Moved by John Townsley. Seconded by Gary Taylor. Carried.

Business Manager

Diane Shao

  • Report on the CSEG employee benefit package was tabled.
  • Diane will be sending out an employee evaluation form to be completed by the Executive.


Bill Bradley

  • Bill circulated 1994 budget and actuals as well as a first draft of the 1995 budget. Income in 1994 exceeded the budgeted amount mainly as a result of the joint CSEG/CSPG convention. The preliminary forecast for 1995 is for a net loss of $14,000.


Bill Goodway

  • Ten applications for new membership/reinstatement were received. Motion to approve these applicants by Bill Goodway. Seconded by Don Lawton. Carried.


Gary Taylor

  • Gary introduced the two CANPIC representatives for a presentation on a pilot service for internet users offering a number of deliverables specific to professional societies with a February start-up. CANPIC's interest is for sanctioning from various societies including CSEG with a letter to the membership as soon as possible. After the presentation, and without CANPIC representatives, there was some discussion that agreed to an endorsement of the pilot provided the wording is such so as to convey the fact that this is only a service (as software) being offered and not necessarily the only potential option on the market. Moved by Don Lawton. Seconded by Sheila Conner. Carried.
  • Elaine Honsberger reported on the new CGC structure proposal to be voted on at the annual meeting by the member societies, where Elaine and Gary will be representing the CSEG. Elaine indicated that this new structure only suggests that the CGC will address member concerns and does not resolve fundamental issues about the role of the CGC and what the benefits are to member societies. There is an associated funding concern that would impact the membership by raising individual contributions of $0.75 up to $3.00 as a result of potential government cutbacks. After some discussion it was proposed that Elaine and Gary had the authority to vote on behalf of the Executive and membership as they saw fit following discussion on the new CGC structure at the upcoming meeting. Moved by Bill Davitt. Seconded by Barry Korchinski. Carried.
  • Gary received a request from CSPG for more frequent joint conventions, with 1996 and 1998 being available. The financial benefits and risks of losing some geophysical perspective were discussed. Gary will obtain a membership vote from the Recorder article and a form to be filled in at the next luncheon. Barry indicated that a vote from the '95 convention committee was 7 for every 2 years and I for 3 years indicating a preference for an increased frequency. Gary will also contact the CSPG as there seems to be some urgency on their behalf due to advance planning. A motion was proposed that subject to a clear membership vote not to increase the frequency of joint CSEG/CSPG conventions, the '96 and '98 options would be agreed upon. Moved by Gary Taylor. Seconded by Bill Davitt. Carried.
  • Gary announced the election results for the 1995 Executive. There are as follows: Barry Korchinski, President; Dan Hampson, First Vice-President; Allin Folinsbee, Second Vice- President; Howard Hepburn, Secretary; Susan Eaton, Treasurer; David Komlodi, Business Manager; Larry Lines, Journal Editor; Sheila Conner and John Townsley will continue as Recorder Editors.

Recorder Editors

Sheila Conner & John Townsley

  • December's issue of the Recorder showed a good profit. Enough articles have been received for publication up to June.
  • Bill Bradley indicated that Husky/Talisman have a synthetic land structure model, along the lines of the "Marmoussi model" that could be published in the February Recorder, and that it has already been accepted by The Leading Edge. Motion to publish this model. Moved by Bill Bradley. Seconded by Don Lawton, Carried.

Office Manager

Heather Payne

  • The new printer has been installed at a cost of $900.
  • It has been requested to add a column to the renewal form for members Internet/Email address.
  • A computer stand is on order for the UDP room so Heather can have hers back.

Past President

Bill Davitt

  • The Photo Directory is currently being checked for accuracy. It is indicated that costs may exceed advertising revenue, and should be budgeted for accordingly.

Second Vice-President

Don Lawton

  • Head table arrangement were made for the January Luncheon.
  • The Best Paper Award committee requires an additional member and Bill Goodway volunteered.
  • Anne McLellan (Minister of Natural Resources) is unable to attend the annual meeting as guest speaker. so Don has arranged to bring forward the April luncheon speaker Elizabeth Cannon, leaving the April SIOL open for the SEG distinguished lecturer, Tom Davis.
  • The Gallagher Library at the U. of C. had only just survived the recent cutbacks and its continued survival will require both fund raising and CSEG support. This issue was tabled for February's meeting.
  • Don outlined a proposal drawn up in conjunction with Bill Renie (Kerr-McGee) and Andy Skuce (Husky) for a Foothills Seismic Atlas. The goal is to obtain 20-30 seismic profiles representing "type" structures through the Alberta and B.C. foothills. A formal proposal will appear in February and there will be an announcement at the next luncheon.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:45 p.m. The next meeting will be on February 8th at 11:00 a.m. at the CSEG Office.



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