Minutes of the CSEG Executive Meeting held June 8, 1994 at the CSEG Office.

Present: Gary Taylor, Barry Korchinski, Don Lawton, Bill Bradley, Diane Shao, Debbie White, Sheila Conner, Heather Payne, Cameron Grace.


Don Lawton

  • Don will proceed to book the SEG Fall distinguished Lecturer, Anton Ziolkowski for a luncheon talk on phase.
  • Denver Geophysical Society will be hosting the SEG meeting in 1996 and has approached the CSEG to co-host. An organizational meeting will be held the evening of June 16th.


Bill Goodway (submitted by Diane Shao)

  • All reminder notices for 1994 dues have been sent out.
  • A list has been prepared of individuals who have not been members of the CSEG since prior to 1993. Bill will try to contact those still in the industry for possible reinstatement.
  • SEG will supply a list of names of those SEG members living in Calgary who are not members of the CSEG. Bill will review and target them for future membership.
  • 15 applications for membership were received. Motion to approve these applicants. Moved by Gary Taylor. Seconded by Barry Korchinski. Carried.


Bill Bradley

  • Membership dues are $8,000 lower than our current Budget.
  • Receivables of $33,000 mostly in Advertising revenue.
  • Corporate Member renewals expected to bring in $20,000.
  • Convention estimated to result in $150,000 profit to CSEG.
  • Bill and Heather investigating accounting packages and training with our Auditor for ease in auditing year end. Motion to spend up to $600 for software should it be required. Moved by Bill Bradley. Seconded by Debbie White. Carried.


Diane Shao

  • Directors and Officers Liability Insurance ha been renewed. The Office Insurance is up for renewal in November.
  • Motion to reimburse expenses to Gary Taylor for airfare to an APEGGA Meeting as well as phone expenses to Executive candidates while in Texas. Motion by Diane. Seconded by Barry. Carried.

Journal Editor

Diane Shao

  • Extra insurance has been purchased for the Silicon Graphics equipment.
  • An RRSP is in place for the Office Manager.


Debbie White/Sheila Conner

  • September articles are being organized.
  • Status Report shows a loss occurred in March. This loss would be evened out with the May issue.
  • Instead of a dedicated monthly column on Safety, it was suggested that there is a rotation of a few topics such as Safety, Environment, etc.


Mel Best

  • Six papers are ready for the June issue and production is expected to begin shortly.


Bill Davitt (submitted by Gary Taylor)

  • Discussion into holding joint CSEG/CSPG Conventions yearly was tabled. Gary will discuss this further with Rick Young, CSPG President.


Heather Payne

  • A new monitor is required for the Office. Don and Cam will look into this. Motion to spend up to $700 for monitor. Moved by Don Lawton. Seconded by Barry Korchinski. Carried.
  • A Church is interested in purchasing the old Office 286. Motion to dispose of the 286 at Diane and Heather's discretion. Moved by Gary Taylor. Seconded by Don Lawton. Carried.


Gary Taylor

  • An invoice has been received for rewriting and updating the Convention Registration Software. Discussion was held as to whether the CSEG would be interested in marketing this software. It was concluded that the CSEG is not in the software business and must remain a non-profit organization. Gary to contact Rick Wallace for more details.
  • Motion to set aside $500 for electricity/furnishings/etc. for the UDP room. Moved by Gary Taylor. Seconded by Diane Shao. Carried.
  • Cam Grace discussed status of UDP room. Software installed will include GMA, Hampson/Russell, Seismic Image Software, Landmark and Photon. Gary and Cam will do an article for inclusion in the RECORDER on the status of UDP to include procedures, equipment, usage, etc.
  • Cam has been collecting Logos from sponsors and will prepare a slide for the June Luncheon as well as for inclusion in the RECORDER.


  • The SEG has approached Gary on some areas of the CSEG Bylaws we may wish to amend to insure consistency with SEG's Constitution and Bylaws. Diane noted that SEG bylaws do not contain gender bias whereas the CSEG bylaws do. Motion to rewrite CSEG bylaws to remove gender bias. Moved by Diane Shao. Seconded by Gary Taylor. Carried. Gary will find someone to help rewrite the bylaws.
  • The July Meeting will be held at the residence of Jim and Ursula Brown on Thursday, July 21,1994.
  • Heather will be on Holidays starting July 22nd through to August 15th.



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