FEBRUARY 3, 1994 The meeting was called to order at 11:15 a.m.

Present: Elaine Honsberger, Bill Davitt, Heather Payne, Mike Enachescu, Gary Taylor, Debbie White, Dave Hutchinson, Jim Brown, Nancy Shaw, Don Lawton, Diane Shao, Bill Bradley, Bill Goodway, Barry Korchinski.

Second Vice-President

Michael Enachescu

  • Speakers have been confirmed for all luncheons until September '94, and some potential speakers for the fall meetings have been contacted.
  • More applications have been received for the Consultants Directory, but we are still canvassing for more.

Recorder Editor

Debbie White

  • John Townsley and Sheila Conner have agreed to take over the editorship positions for the Recorder in September, and will start working with Debbie and Barbara until then.
  • The Recorder made a profit in 1993.

Past President

Jim Brown

  • The annual awards for 1993 have now been approved, and will be presented at the awards luncheon.
  • Jim pointed out that the GSC is a registered charity, and questioned whether the CSEG should investigate registration to avoid having to pay GST. Nancy mentioned that the CSEG was almost GST neutral so there would not be appreciable savings, and it was agreed that we not look into this matter.


Dave Hutchinson

  • There were 34 new applications for membership received. Thanks are due to those who have been recruiting for the society. Motion by Dave Hutchinson, seconded by Bill Davitt to accept these applicants, subject to all requirements being met.
  • A quote has been received for publishing an up-to-date Photo Directory of members. Dave will try to establish how much revenue might be expected from advertising, and will also investigate the best method of getting photographs to fill in the missing gaps and if it would be cheaper to establish a data base of digital photos.


Nancy Shaw

  • budget, with comparisons from J991, 1992 and provisional 1993 figures. Gary congratulated the Recorder for making money, but noted that we have been losing about $50,000 each year. The joint convention years, including 1989 and 1994, usually make money, but not enough to cover this rate of loss. Nancy will recover the 1990 figures. The Journal has been our largest regular expense and the net 1993 cost was particularly high. Discussion of page charges levied against authors was not popular. It was agreed that members' costs are cheap, and that there has been excellent support from contractors.

First Vice-President

Gary Taylor

  • The SUN workstation needs more storage before it can be effective for training. Gary anticipates a need for another 32 Meg. of RAM and 3-4 gigabytes of disc space. It might be possible to use mainframe disc space via a land link, but also one of the contracting companies may be able to help the CSEG with some older disks.

Office Manager

Heather Payne

  • Heather has been updating the membership listing so the information will be as current as possible for the Annual Report issue of the Recorder.
  • Heather showed some examples of plaques which could be made to recognise volunteers who have helped the CSEG and to recognise Corporate Members. There was general approval of the designs.


Bill Davitt

  • Bill has been contacted as to whether the CSEG would like to participate at a careers day at Lester B. Pearson High School. Our careers brochure is out of print and it was agreed we would not participate.
  • Bill and Elaine both attended the meeting of the Canadian Geoscience Council in Ottawa at which the CGC asked for a levy of $10 per annum per member of its member organizations. This was not popular amongst any of the larger member organizations.

Business Manager

Elaine Honsberger

  • Elaine investigated the advantages and disadvantages of merging the offices of the CSEG and CSPG. This had been suggested as a cost saving exercise, and was prompted by a staff vacancy at their office which has since been filled. It was decided that Elaine's letter recommending that we should not merge be forwarded to the CSPG President.

The Meeting was adjourned at 2:05 p.m.



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