JANUARY 6, 1994

The meeting was called to order at 11:37 a.m.

Present: Elaine Honsberger, Bill Davitt, Heather Payne, Barbara Young, Michael Enachescu, Gary Taylor, Debbie White, Dave Hutchinson, Brian Russell.

Second Vice-President

Michael Enachescu

  • January luncheon date was not in the Recorder. Also suggested that January lunch should be held later in the month to separate it from the Christmas busy season.
  • Will announce the "Best Paper" award at the Annual Lunch in March.
  • Luncheon attendance is down from 500-600 in the past to 300-400 this year.
  • Response to the CSEG Consultants Directory is small. Proposed that we should wait before publishing, and not publish a suboptimal directory.

Past President

Brian Russell (in Jim Brown's absence)

  • Brian reviewed the proposed awards recipients for 1993, and the Honors and Awards Committee's recommendations were accepted by the Executive.

Recorder Editors

Barbara Young & Debbie White

  • Committee reports for the March issue of the Recorder (the Annual Report issue) are now due.
  • The Publications Committee held a meeting in December. Todd O'Brien of Kary Data was invited to work on the "Tracing The Industry" column. Thanks were offered to Gord Lowe for the work he has done. The Consultants Directory Committee was also invited to this meeting.
  • An ad will be place in the March issue of the Recorder for the Consultants Directory, or sooner, if possible.

Business Manager

Elaine Honsberger

  • Will be travelling to Ottawa to represent the CSEG at the meeting of the Canadian Geoscience Council on January 16th.


Dave Hutchinson

  • 5 new applications for membership were received. Motion by Dave Hutchinson, seconded by Bill Davitt to accept these applicants, subject to all requirements being met.
  • There was some discussion about the requirement which we have made for photographs from applicants for membership. Photos have been accumulated for the maintenance of our photo membership directory, which has not been republished since 1989. It was agreed that the photo directory is useful, and Dave offered to look into publishing a new one.

First Vice-President

Gary Taylor

  • Motion by Gary Taylor, seconded by Michael Enachescu, to approve payments of the 400 Club bill for the Past Presidents' Luncheon, and Bill Davitt's expenses to the SEG. Carried.
  • The SUN microsystems computer has been looked at, and we shall need both more RAM and more disk space for it to be useful. Gary will be contacting various people who may be able to help.

Office Manager

Heather Payne

  • Received a call from a member regarding a Stock Broker using the membership listing to solicit clients. The executive decided that the practice of using our membership list for non-geophysical solicitations is regrettable. Future listings published will have a heading "Not for Commercial Canvassing" or similar wording.
  • It was agreed that the Awards recipients and the Executive should be given tickets for the upcoming Annual Awards Luncheon.


Bill Davitt

  • It was agreed that the incoming Executive should be invited to the Executive meetings for both February and March.
  • The special issue of the CSEG Journal was invoiced at considerably more than the original estimate. After some discussion, the printer has issued a satisfactory credit.
  • The Canadian Geoscience Council will hold its next meeting in Ottawa on January 16th. Elaine Honsberger will be attending as the CSEG representative. Bill has received a letter specifically inviting him to attend, and describing a proposed levy by the CGC on its member societies of $10 per society member. This would fund two permanent staff positions, which are needed since the CGC has been relying heavily on volunteer time. It was agreed that this levy would not be acceptable to the CSEG. Bill is available to attend this meeting to help state the CSEG position, and it was agreed that the CSEG cover his expenses.
  • A letter has been received asking for help funding a symposium on Cosmology in Calgary next June to be held in conjunction with the Annual meeting of the Royal Society. We agreed that while educational symposia were to be encouraged, we should not offer funds, but that we could offer to advertise this to our membership.


Meeting was adjourned at 2:10 p.m.



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