December 2, 1993, 11:00 a.m. at CSEG Office.

Present: Elaine Honsberger, Bill Davitt, Heather Payne, Barbara Young, Debbie White, Jim Brown, Mike Enachescu, Gary Taylor.

Minutes of the November meeting were discussed and Mike Enachescu pointed out that the luncheon program recorded was only provisional. Minutes were then approved.

Second Vice-President's Report

Michael Enachescu

  • Mike has replied to the SEG that the CSEG would like to host the "Distinguished Lecturer," who will be Rutt Bridges, in 1994. Provisionally scheduled date may have to be changed to fit around our annual convention.
  • The Directory of Canadian Geophysical Consultants has drawn a lot of interest from individuals and from contracting companies. The latter have expressed interest in advertising as well as listing their names. It was agreed that the person or company should be providing services in Canada, and should have a permanent office in Canada, and should also be strongly encouraged to join the CSEG.
  • Mike noted that he would like to see corporate members of the CSEG receive more acknowledgement for their contribution. Barb said that their names are now being published in the Recorder periodically.

First Vice-President's Report

Gary Taylor

  • SUN Microsystems has provided a Sparc2 workstation for the CSEG to use. We will need a system manager to set It up and look after it - Dave Hutchinson will look for somebody who could do this.
  • Elaine Honsberger will be our 1994 representative on the CGC (Canadian Geoscience Council).
  • Gary Taylor has recently been on the East Coast and reported that there is a lot of interest and activity in geophysics. He mentioned the Bedford Institute, Dalhousie University (where Larry Lines has recently taken a chair) and Memorial University. The Recorder editors have requested articles from universities.

Office Manager

Heather Payne

  • Heather's 286 PC is no longer needed, and it was agreed that we should inaugurate a classified ad service in the Recorder for the use of members who have used hardware which could be of interest to other members.
  • Heather has received an offer to upgrade her 386 to a 486-50 computer for $499. Some of her present computer runs are lengthy, but Heather will find out whether this is because of compute power, print time or other factors.
  • Dues notices for 1994 are being printed. Some will go with the December Recorder, but the mailing of the Recorder will not be delayed for these notices, and any left will be mailed separately.

Recorder Editor's Report

Barbara Young

  • January Recorder will not have a Safety Jack article. The Recorder is being prepared slightly early because of delays over Christmas.
  • Jack Harbourne has requested that we should send complimentary back copies of the Recorder to certain government agencies. Discussions pointed out that we already distribute copies to some universities, and that this could only help to raise the image of the society. We therefore agreed to send them.
  • Barb is going to coordinate the rewriting of our careers brochure to bring it up to date. Don Lawton from the U of C will also help with this.

Business Manager's Report

Elaine Honsberger

  • Heather and Elaine have been conducting an inventory. There is an IBM Selectric typewriter which is not working. We agreed that this could be given away.
  • Our office insurance has been changed, and the new agent appears to be giving more coverage for a similar premium. It was agreed that our CSEG Library, which consists largely of back issues of periodicals, could not be replaced for money, and therefore should be given zero value but remain insured.

Secretary's Report

Dave Hutchinson

  • Applications for membership have been received from the following three individuals: Alan Green, Amer Haque, Allan Shenton. Moved by Dave Hutchinson that the aforementioned be accepted into the CSEG. Seconded by Bill Davitt. Carried.

President's Report

Jim Brown

  • Awards committee of Neil Rutherford, Brian Russell, and Jim Brown has met to consider awards for the next general meeting.
  • Past president's lunch was held at the 400 Club, and was a great success.

President's Report

Bill Davitt

  • There has been a request for reduced dues rates for retirees. It was decided to make it clear that the rate for out-of-work geophysicists should apply to retirees as well as those temporarily unemployed.
  • Unilink Canada has requested that the CSEG should help to sponsor a convention in Bahrain next spring. We shall not be making a specific contribution, although as an affiliate of the SEG, we shall do so indirectly.
  • Further discussions have been held with the CSPG about sharing resources, and possibly offices. No commitment has been made, and it is realized that this could raise sensitive issues.


The meeting was adjourned at 13:30.



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