Minutes of the CSEG Executive Meeting held November 4, 1993 at 11:00 a.m. at the CSEG Office.

Present: Bill Davitt, Heather Payne, Barbara Young, Debbie White, Jim Brown, Mike Enachescu, Melvyn Best and Gary Taylor.

Second Vice-President's Report

Michael Enachescu

  • The luncheon speaker schedule is tentatively set until May, 1994.
  • The Petroleum Explorer wants to print the dates and speakers of CSEG luncheon meetings in the newsletter.
  • Don Steeples was suggested as a possible luncheon Speaker.

Doug Bath and Dave Jenkins approached the Executive regarding workstations and SEG-Y standards. After discussion a motion was made as follows. That we appoint a committee to look into the issue of establishing standards as to the content and format of SEG-Y data tapes for geophysical workstations. Moved by Gary Taylor; seconded by Bill Davitt; carried. Motion to appoint Doug Bath and Dave Jenkins as co-chairmen of the above mentioned committee. Moved by Bill Davitt; seconded by Jim Brown; carried.

Recorder Editor's Report

Debbie White & Barbara Young

  • Raised the issue of the difficulty of getting the Recorder released on time when so many contributors do not meet the deadlines.
  • January 18th is the deadline for the annual report issue, which comes out in March. Executive and committee reports are due by December 30th.
  • The Recorder status report to October, 1993 showed a positive balance of just over $10,000.
  • Mel suggested some papers on Near Surface work from the G.S.C. could be of interest.

Journal Editor's Report

Mel Best

  • 6 papers are in the next issue of the Journal.
  • Bob Charter will be stepping down as Associate Editor and Mel is looking for a replacement.
  • Neil Anderson has made a submission for next year's Journal.
  • Tulsa Abstracts wants to put our abstracts onto their system. Back issues of the Journals have been forwarded.
  • Brian Spies will arrange for us to be included in GeoRom in the future.
  • A Journal exchange proposal has been initiated by the Australian SEG. We have sent back issues to 1972, and are expecting to receive their issues. ASEG has been added to our mailing list to receive future issues and are placing us on their mailing list.

Treasurer's Report

Nancy Shaw

  • Term Deposits were discussed.
  • The Education Fund was discussed in relation to tracking and allocating interest.
  • This month's financial statements were presented and discussed.
  • The value of each Executive submitting a budget to the following year's executive was discussed.

Office Manager's Report

Heather Payne

  • Submitted list of upcoming Executive Meeting and Luncheon dates.
  • Discussion was held regarding the computers.

Past President's Report

Jim Brown

  • Received a report of the National Advisory Board for Science & Technology by the Committee on the Competitiveness of the Resource Industries.
  • Awards Committee plans to meet shortly. They will report further at the December Executive meeting, and make the deadline for the March Recorder.
  • The Past Presidents' Luncheon will be November 19th, at the 400 Club.

President's Report

Bill Davitt

  • The subject of 25 year membership certificates was discussed. Bill and Heather will look into coming up with certificates. The Awards Committee may also need to be involved.

First Vice-President's Report

Michael Enachescu

  • The new SUN workstation is in the office, and awaiting configuration.



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