Minutes of the CSEG Executive Meeting held September 9, 1993.

Present: Bill Davitt, Heather Payne, Barbara Young, Dave Hutchinson, Mike Enachescu, Elaine Honsberger, Nancy Shaw, Gary Taylor

President's Report

Bill Davitt

  • Bill has discussed with the City and with the Stampede Board the possibility of holding the SEG convention in Calgary in the year 2000. The Stampede Board has been helpful and is preparing a package of information for the SEG.
  • The CSEG consultants list has not moved forward yet, but Mike Enachescu understands that Roy Elliot may be willing to help organize it.
  • No names yet for candidates to take over Recorder Editor's jobs. Gary Taylor will request names again at the next luncheon.
  • A lunch time seminar will be held in the CSEG office on Sept 22 on Financial Aspects of Working Overseas by Tom Boleantu, P. Geol., which was postponed last summer.
  • Neil Rutherford and Gary Taylor will be contacting each other about plans for the 1994 Joint Convention.
  • Bill has exchanged memos with Peter Putnam of the CSPG, and there is a suggestion to hold a joint executive meeting of our organizations to improve liaison.
  • The Nominating committee has prepared a list of nominees for the 1994 executive positions. Gary will ask for further nominations from the floor again at the September luncheon.

RECORDER Editor's Report

Barb Young

  • Barb Young
  • Barb presented financial statement showing the CSEG Recorder to be firmly in the black.
  • The September Recorder will feature an article on the University of Saskatchewan, and further articles from universities should be encouraged.
  • October's Recorder will feature the article by Roy Lindseth on HPC, and an article on tape formatting will follow.
  • The outstanding APEGGA invoice has been reduced and paid.

Treasurer's Report

Nancy Shaw

  • Corporate membership renewals have been received, considerably improving the

2nd Vice President's Report

Michael Enachescu

  • Easton Wren will not be available for the November luncheon-John Varsek will present the paper instead. We still need a speaker for the December luncheon meeting.
  • Gary Taylor was asked to give a talk on the Hibernia Project and that will likely be June 1994.
  • September luncheon talk will be on environmental geophysics and Mike has invited Gord Jaramko (journalist writer and energy writer for the Herald) as a guest to the talk.
  • Our lunch meetings are now being advertised in the Reservoir, Petroleum Society, and the PEGG. Mike has been asking speakers to give a slant towards general exploration interests even within specialized topics. Business Manager's Report: Elaine Honsberger
  • Elaine has received quotes for insurance.

MOVED by Elaine that CSEG should purchase one million dollars of directors' and officers' liability insurance to cover suits claiming errors or omissions. AMENDMENT PROPOSAL by Bill that the insurance should protect all CSEG volunteers and employees. CARRIED.

Office Manager's Report

Heather Payne

  • The old photocopier has been purchased by the Irricana Lions Club and the Curling Club for $250.
  • The Anisotropy issue of the CJEG is expected out by the end of September. The first 100 copies are being taken to the SEG Convention in Washington.
  • Greg Davidson is working on the membership listing for future Gold and Silver Certificates of the CSEG.
  • Brad Goldie has completed work on the computer systems to upgrade the database program. A suggestion for the 286 would be to transfer the accounting package over so the computer is free for the Treasurer to do input.

Secretary's Report

Dave Hutchinson

  • There were 8 applications for new memberships or reinstatements:
    Darryl Thom
    David Stuart
    Michael Stevenson
    Gary Stangl
    Harold Merry
    Robert Ferguson
    Dean Dennison
    Darren Card

MOVED by Dave that the above applications should be accepted subject to receipt of cheques and photos for the photo directory. CARRIED.

2nd Vice President's Report

Gary Taylor

  • Gary has talked to Larry Lines about the course on 'Geophysical Inversion and Applications' which he and Sven Treitel propose to hold in Calgary April 25-29, 1994. They have space for 25 students and 5 are taken.
  • Gary has approached Kevin Baldock of SUN Microsystems to see whether a Sparc workstation might be made available for our members to use for training and demonstration purposes in our office.

The meeting was adjourned.



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