Minutes of the CSEG Executive Meeting held October 7, 1993.

The meeting was called to order at 11:15 a.m.

Present: Gary Taylor, Michael Enachescu, Elaine Honsberger, Barbara Young, Heather Payne, Nancy Shaw and Jim Brown. In addition, Dorothy-Ann Reimer and Roy Elliott attended to present the proposal for the CSEG Directory of Consultants, Contractors, and Services.

Second Vice-President

Michael Enachescu

  • The speakers at the November luncheon will be John Varsek and Rod Morris. Luncheons are now being more widely publicized, with announcements going in the PEGG, the Reservoir and publications related to engineering.
  • Robert Tatham, Visiting Professor at the U of C will be the speaker in December. Speakers for January and February have not yet been identified. Some interest was expressed in obtaining a speaker to present a government perspective on the industry. Non-industry related talks were not felt to be appropriate.
  • Gord Jaremko from the Calgary Herald attended the last luncheon at Michael's invitation. He enjoyed the opportunity and has expressed an interest in writing an article on the society. Response was generally positive- it was felt that it would be good for our public image.


Barbara Young

  • The Recorder is still in good financial condition.
  • Heather reported that the Journal will go out with the October Recorder.
  • November issue will include the biographies of nominees for the next executive and the ballot.
  • Letters have been sent to the Geophysics Department Heads at Universities across Canada requesting articles in support of their programs.
  • It was suggested by Heather that the pictures of the Executive from each year be hung in the CSEG offices. Heather is to follow up.

Business Manager

Elaine Honsberger

  • Elaine has looked into the situation related to liability insurance carried by the society on outside events.
  • Property insurance may be low in the office contents. Elaine will have an insurance appraiser review the value of the contents.
  • Greg Davidson has supplied a list compiled by Heather Payne and Neil Rutherford of members with more than 25 years of continuous membership. Secretary will follow up.

CSEG Directory of Consultants, Contractors and Services

Dorothy-Ann Reimer, Roy Elliott and Michael Enachescu

  • Dorothy-Ann Reimer presented the approach planned for the development and distribution of the Directory. The plan is to have the Directory be an ongoing publication of the Society with regular updates. The Directory will include advertising to help defray the costs of production.

Moved by Michael Enachescu and seconded by Nancy Shaw that the CSEG Executive authorize the Directory Committee to proceed with the plan to publish this Directory and that it agree to subsidize the project to the sum of $5000, with any excess revenue to be returned to the CSEG. Carried.

  • It was agreed that costs should be processed through the CSEG office, with a summary of income and costs being kept in relation to this project.


Nancy Shaw

  • Nancy distributed a summary of accounts from January to September for 1988 to 1993 plus a full year summary for 1988 to 1992 to be the basis of a discussion relative to our current financial status at the next meeting.


Jim Brown

  • Don Lawton would like to use the Geophysical Careers Brochure to promote Geophysics in the University. The CSEG office is currently out of copies. It was felt that the material should be updated prior to reprinting and was suggested that Don be asked to coordinate this activity.
  • Past-Presidents' Lunch to be held on November 19 at 11:30 a.m. at the 400 Club.
  • Jim attended the SEG Council Meeting in Washington. At that meeting, Bill Davitt requested again that the SEG consider holding the Convention in Calgary in the year 2000. They were adamant that it be held under one roof and this issue will need to be addressed before our request can be considered. At this meeting the question of reducing SEG dues was also raised. The issue could not be resolved and was tabled until next year.

First Vice-President

Gary Taylor

  • Workstation for the CSEG office - Gary has received a verbal commitment from Landmark for their software, and Sun has agreed in principle to lending the CSEG a Sparc 10 for one year.
  • Dave Jenkins and Doug Bath have expressed an interest in the CSEG forming a tape format committee for SEGY tapes for workstations. They want some sort of standardization. Gary has invited them to come to the executive meeting next month.
  • Gary Billings has been attending CGC meetings on behalf of the society until now, but a replacement will be required in the near future. Suggestions for replacements should be passed on to Gary Taylor.
  • A letter has been received from the CSPG in response to Bill's discussions with them relative to merging the offices of the CSEG and CSPG. It was the general consensus of the executive that this is an idea that requires more discussion and was tabled until Bill Davitt returns.
  • Gary received a letter from the "Council of Canadians" regarding NAFTA and its inclusion of professional organizations. Gary will obtain the legal text of the NAFTA document to investigate any implications it may have on the employment of American and Mexican geophysicists in Canada.
  • A member has donated several old (circa 1930's) copies of "Geophysics" to the CSEG. Heather will add them to the CSEG library collection.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:20 p.m.



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