Having been elected as secretary for the 1999 executive, I find one of my first duties is writing this article for the Recorder. My biggest dilemma was deciding what to write about. Luckily I find myself in the middle of convention activities and in awe of how our society can hold such a successful function every year. As secretary, I see the list of new members every month. We currently have 2200 members and the registration for this years convention was about 2200 (this also included some non-members of course). This means that the majority of the society members attended the convention during this a "down" year.

I'm also always amazed at the support of the exhibitors and sponsors. Without them, there would not be a trade show and the cost of the convention to members would be phenomenal. A renewed sense of optimism could be felt in the exhibition area and it seemed to be contagious.

Although the convention is probably the greatest undertaking of the society each year, there are numerous other aspects of the CSEG. I have been sitting in on executive meetings now for just a few months and each month I gain more insight into the depth of the society. I have been working in this industry for 14 years now (time flies) and I never really knew the full extent of the CSEG. I encourage anyone who has considered volunteering on one of the many committees of the CSEG to make that initial phone call. You won't regret it. Well, I now get to put my feet up after a long day of conventioning and relax. Have a wonderful summer!



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