The following brief by Susan Eaton, CSEG Treasurer, summarizes some examples of how we might attack a rather pleasant problem: a large and growing equity. At year-end 1993, the CSEG had retained earnings of $178,000. By year-end 1995, they had grown to more than $480,000.

We need to answer three questions:

1. What should we spend the money on? — Susan's brief presents many suggestions.

2. Who is going to decide how the money will be spent? — Two obvious choices are the Executive Committee or an Ad-hoc Committee that represents different facets of our membership.

3. How are we going to involve the membership in these important decisions? — We could take verbal or written suggestions, conduct straw polls at luncheons and conventions, have mail-in questionnaires, or establish a voting procedure of some kind.

The mandate of the current Executive expires in March 1996, so it is doubtful that we will get to the first item (i.e., the actual spending). It is my intention, however, to get a good start on points two and three as described above. This is how you can help:

a. Think about this very important subject.

b. Let us know what you think. This can be done:

  1. verbally, to any member of the 1995 or 1996 CSEG Executive
  2. in writing, to the CSEG office
  3. Email to

The current Executive will work diligently to try to get the appropriate mechanisms in place so that the 1996 Executive can "hit the ground running" and start the process of making the CSEG equity work for you.



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