Some changes come slowly and some come quickly.

This change came slowly, especially since I am continuing to contribute to the RECORDER, albeit in in a supplementary role.

have stepped down from the Associate Editor role to focus on a couple of special projects that I said I’d do as Chief Editor. These projects are: 1) a RECORDER Committee manual that describes the processes, roles, and responsibilities of the Committee; and 2) keywords for pre-2016 articles. I believe these are important enough to warrant setting aside time for just these projects.

The RECORDER Committee is in good hands, not just with Brian Schulte as Chief, but also with a great group of people (Editors, regular contributors, mentors, Special Coordinators, authors, Board of Directors, CSEG Committees, CSEG members) who continually give time and effort in a myriad of ways. Editing, writing, brainstorming ideas, organizing submissions, keeping in touch with and expanding our networks, and working within deadlines are just a few examples of what they do for the CSEG RECORDER.

If I were to add up the years of contribution of everyone who contributes to the RECORDER, the sum would be at least a thousand; if adding up the number of years of passion for a continuing great legacy, the sum would be at least a million. Yes, I may be exaggerating a tad, but not by much.

Best regards to everyone,
Nicole Willson

Nicole Wilson



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