Time sure flies when you are having fun. Here it is February already, and in another month we will be a quarter of the way through the year. (It seems shorter when you look at it that way.) There has been some readjustment and strategic repositioning (budget cuts and lay-offs) already in the industry, and it looks like there could be more before the worst is over. If we scrape away the hard chunks of doom and gloom being pushed by the media, it does seem that companies are better prepared for a down turn now than they have ever been in the past. This will keep the human resources people out of trouble for a while at least, with all that paper they generate putting packages together, and all that time spent on coming up with new buzz-words to explain lay-offs with out using the L-word itself.

The 1999 CSEG convention is fast approaching as well, if you haven't submitted your abstracts for the convention already, you're too late However, you can still have them published in the recorder. Just phone or email your thoughts to me and we will discuss it. Articles can be about almost anything, as long as they are exploration and /or geophysics related.

This month we are fortunate enough to have an article that has come out of the CREWES research project, as well as updates on the past Presidents lunch and the Superfund. This month's article on the Superfund shows how there can be an important, practical and immediate application for funds from the Super fund. This is just one of the ways monies from the Superfund can be used, the CSEG office has a pamphlet explaining more about the Superfund should anyone wish to have it.

A warm welcome to our Executive elect, smile when they come looking for volunteers later in the year. Check out the web site if you haven't already done so, it can be found at www.cseg.org.

Until next time, keep your boots on, we aren't out of the woods yet, and then we have a pasture to go through.



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