When the CSEG approached me almost two years ago, I never expected the production editorial work would be this exciting and challenging! And I'd like to share this experience with you. The objectives of the Recorder committee are to improve its contents, format, and distribution; while ensuring that this geophysical magazine serves the membership in the geophysical industry. Now that's easier said than done! A few late issues and a few mistakes later, and we've introduced some changes to keep up with the Recorder's growth and the industry's demands.

The Recorder committee meets regularly to deal with latest problems in a timely manner. About a year ago, we selected a new printer to handle our printing needs. We actively pursue volunteers to write feature articles with sound technical and geophysical content. In 1997, the Executive Column was introduced. From this issue onwards, we are including the Editor's Notes. Beginning next month, space permitting, we will be including the Letters to the Editors which will facilitate communication between our membership and the Recorder committee. This year, I welcome Allan Feir, Technical Editor and Nattalia Lea, reporter to join the committee. For her conscientious efforts, I would like to thank Jocelyn Bradley, Technical Editor from 1995 to 1997. None of the changes mentioned above would have occurred so smoothly, without the contributions of Jocelyn and Heather Payne, CSEG Office Manager.

To all volunteers: please keep up the good work. To all members: your feedback is invaluable, so please keep calling and writing to us, as you've done in the past. If possible, we will share your feedback, beginning with the December issue of the Recorder.



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