“Nothing endures but change” – Heraclitus

In its 28 year history the RECORDER magazine has made a significant contribution to the geophysical industry through the merit of the technical/focus articles as well as the articles on social interest. This has greatly benefited the geophysicists who wish to exchange innovative ideas and share their work experiences. Equally significant has been the contributions made by the regular interviews conducted by Satinder Chopra, and edited by Oliver Kuhn. It is well known that the interviews are the most read item in each issue and this comes from the readers themselves. Needless to say, the many other article contributors have done an admirable task in delivering their respective articles each month with very little fanfare.

Just as the CSEG executive endorsed the rebranding of the CSEG logo, with it has arisen the desire to infuse new life into the RECORDER magazine by changing the cover design as well as the interior design. The introduction of the new cover design has been seen as a step in the right direction from the initial reaction of the CSEG executive and the readers. The October issue will have some new interior design which I trust will bring about a “breath of fresh air” to technical articles and the many other semi-technical articles in each issue.

Last, but equally important, has been a directive by the CSEG executive to revitalize the interviews by introducing a different approach to the monthly feature. Accordingly, it has been decided by the RECORDER editorial committee to alternate the usual individual interviews with three short interviews of the authors from the book by Matt Hall and Evan Bianco titled “52 Things You Should Know About Geophysics”. I requested Satinder to send 5 to 6 questions relevant to the topic initially covered by each of the three authors to enhance their original articles. The eager affirmative reaction from the three authors Evan, Carl and Taras to the idea of including their articles along with their replies to the relevant questions, was the nod needed to confirm that the new idea was in the best interest of our readers.

I cannot fully appreciate the effort that has gone into formulating relevant questions and conducting interviews in a timely fashion for the last 18 years by Satinder Chopra and I know all who have read the interview appreciate his efforts. On behalf of all the RECORDER readers, THANK YOU Satinder.

The RECORDER magazine’s relevance, technically, educationally and socially depends on all of us, and therefore as the Chief Editor I encourage everyone to send the RECORDER editorial committee any new ideas for new features that we could discuss within the editorial committee and implement when appropriate.

To our RECORDER advertisers, thank you for your continued support of this publication. As a show of our appreciation, the editorial committee and I will continue our efforts to deliver the magazine at the beginning of each month to enable placement of time sensitive advertisements.

It would only be fair to acknowledge the efforts of Jason Schweigert, Meghan Brown, Alexandra Harle (Alexandra Harle Graphic Design); and Bonnie and Lawrence Luft (The PRINTMAN), the CSEG RECORDER design and production firm, in facilitating the fruition of the new RECORDER design.



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