The CSEG journal is the Society’s premier technical publication and serves as an outlet for its members for publication of new concepts and ideas. It is a peer-reviewed, high-quality publication, which allows the authors to have their articles published at no cost and in a timely manner.

Since its inception in 1965, one or two issues have been published each year, with five or six articles per issue, or per year. The published articles have come from academics across the country with a small number from outside the universities. However, more recently, due to the onset of the pandemic which has had a dampening effect everywhere, the paper submission to the Journal has almost dried up.

It is important that we keep the publication going, and I therefore appeal to the CSEG members to spread the word around about submission of articles to the CSEG Journal, so that at least one issue is published each year. This can be realized through the constructive participation and encouraging response from CSEG members, who have a wide range of backgrounds, from research, academia, to industry, and can make contributions. Through this call, I send out a request to them all, not only in Canada, but outside as well, to consider submitting their research work for publication in the Journal. 

Articles can be emailed directly to

Editorial Standards

The submission and publication of CJEG papers is in electronic format – with an online table of contents and individual papers attached as pdf files.  Papers received by the Editor will be deemed the property of the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG), unless the release of the paper is granted by the Editor.  There are no page charges for CJEG papers.  The CJEG will be available free of charge to all CSEG members via the CSEG web site  Given that the CSEG is a section of the SEG, the CJEG adopts as its editorial standard the “Instructions to Authors” of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG), as published in GEOPHYSICS 76 (No. 1, 1JF), unless otherwise noted here.

Format and Submission of Manuscripts

Authors are invited to submit manuscripts in MS Word format (strongly preferred), or in LaTex, and the Format Editor will try to convert it.  A template for MS Word is available from the Format Editor, Elizabeth Atkinson, at; its use helps speed the publication process but is not mandatory.

Organization of Manuscript

  1. Title page gives the paper’s title, author(s) names, addresses and affiliations. This page should note if the paper was given orally at a meeting.
  2. The Abstract is a summary of the paper, giving the principal conclusions.  Every paper, except for short notes, should have an abstract. Abstracts should be less than 300 words in length.
  3. Papers should generally have headings for the Introduction, Methodology, Results, Conclusions, References and Acknowledgements.
  4. Figures should be numbered sequentially and referenced within the text, as per general scientific practice.  Clear figure captions should be supplied at the end of the text.  The actual figures should be submitted separately in a standard image format (.jpg, .tif, .bmp) with a resolution of 300 dpi.  The image should not include the caption text or extra white space around the image.  The Format Editor will embed the figures soon after their reference as part of the formatting process. 
  5. References should comply with the formatting standard set for SEG’s Journal, GEOPHYSICS, as noted above.
Spelling and Unit

Spelling should preferably conform to official Canadian SI spelling.  Acceptable alternatives would be spelling that conforms to SEG publication format.  Regardless of chosen format, authors should be consistent with their spelling throughout an article.

Units should be expressed in SI units, as noted in the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Exploration Geophysics, authored by R.E. Sheriff (SEG Publication).


The copyright for the Canadian Journal of Exploration Geophysics is reserved by the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG).  Permission for reproduction of articles or images published in the CJEG needs to be taken in writing from the CSEG.



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