University Student Outreach

The CSEG Foundation University Student Outreach Committee would like to thank RPS Energy for funding 2013 CSEG student membership. This funding allows Canadian and international students to become CSEG members at no cost to themselves. Becoming a CSEG student member is one of the first steps a student takes towards integrating with industry and this sponsorship affords a smooth transition. CSEG student members are offered high impact opportunities like Seismic in Motion, the CSEG Industry Field Trip, the CSEG Mentorship Program and social networking events linked to the Canadian Distinguished Lecture tour. With partnership from companies like RPS Energy, student membership has flourished from fewer than 50 student members before funding to over 300 last year. If it were not for our sponsor companies our ability to spread the good fortunes offered through CSEG membership would not be possible. In addition, with the growth in student numbers we have been able to offer more development and networking opportunities to students across the country.

Student Mentorship Program

The CSEG Foundation Mentorship Program is entering its fourth year as a formalized mentorship program for student geophysicists. As a committee we are excited to see what another school year holds for the program as it continues to grow. This year represents our most successful year yet with record numbers in both mentor and mentee participation.

As one of the many programs under the CSEG Outreach branch of the CSEG Foundation, the Mentorship Program is a simple one. Its main goal is to facilitate the interaction of student geophysicists with industry professionals by pairing one student with one industry geophysicist for the duration of the school year. The intent of the Mentorship Program is to allow students the opportunity to develop a strong professional relationship with their mentors. The development of this relationship may represent the beginning of professional networking for some, a place to assess current goals and to discover new ones, or maybe just an environment where students can ask those ‘dumb’ questions they would not feel comfortable asking anyone else. Mentorship can take many forms. Where the relationship goes is decided upon mutually between the mentor and mentee.

The CSEG Foundation believes this individualized approach to professional development is fundamental to the successful growth of future generations of geoscientists; this is an important step in maintaining the health of our industry in the future. The success of this program is due in no small part to the commitment from our volunteering mentors.

Returning mentors:

Ron Larson, Marko Mah, Sarah Cutten, Alex Wright, Kelly Hrabi, Jason Glubish, Marc Boulet, Warren Stepaniuk, Paul Hausmanis, Danielle Robertson, Salma Khatun, Tom Lemon, Jennifer Cranshaw, Mark Jeroncic, Matt Ng, Nanna Eliuk, Ryan Zahynacz and Gabriel Solano.

New mentors:

Chris Wigg, John Evans, Karen Chong, Brian Kallweit, Doug Pruden, Brian Russell, Tom Podivinsky, Amanda Knowles, Oliver Kuhn, Cecil Keeping, Elaine Honsberger, Perry Kotkas, Alanna Caldwell, Tammy Yu, Kevin Bianchini, Greg Purdue, Jessa Lee, Mike Preiksaitis, Doug McConnell, Stephen Adeniran.

If you are interested in participating in this program please fill out the application forms available on the CSEG website at and contact

Mentorship Committee 2012/2013:

Paul Hausmanis
Alexandria Shrake
Stephen Kotkas
Jessa-lyn Lee
Nathan Fester

University Student Outreach at the Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference

Each year physics students at every Canadian University, as well as international schools, are invited to attend the Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference. The physics conference allows undergraduate physics students to take part in labs and lectures and share their findings in various disciplines to their peers. This year the conference was held in Vancouver and was hosted by the University of British Columbia. Two hundred Canadian and international undergraduate students attended this conference. The CUPC committee did a great job organizing the conference.

The CUPC included a poster presentation session, industry talks, student talks, social events, physics lab tours, a closing banquet, and a graduate school and career fair. The CSEG Foundation University Student Outreach Committee displayed a booth run by Karen Chong, Stephen Kotkas and Alex Shrake. The volunteers met with students looking to pursue careers in physics. Students were pleased to learn about the possibility of a career as an exploration geophysicist or data processor and what it might mean for their future. Many students did not know or understand the purpose of geophysicists in corporations and that the geophysics community is strongly supported by industry. Attending the career fair was beneficial to the CSEG Foundation University Student Outreach as the committee was able to inform the student body of the benefits that CSEG membership offers to a new group of potential future geoscientists. The 2013 CUPC will be held at McMaster University.

CSEG Foundation University Student Outreach

Stephen Kotkas
Karen Chong
Alexandria Shrake

Award to Landan MacDonald
Karen Chong, representing CSEG University Student Outreach, gave an award to Landan MacDonald of Dalhousie University for best Geophysical and best Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Physics presentation.



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