The CSEG-F awarded travel grants to students for them to attend the CSEG Symposium in March. The students are very grateful for the opportunity afforded them by the CSEG-F and sent us these testimonials.

“The CSEG symposium was a great experience to interact with industry. It gave me an insight for the current trends in seismic data acquisition and processing. The different speakers stimulated a lot of ideas and research points to be investigated. This will help me to relate my research work as a graduate student to the demands of industry. It was a great opportunity and I am thankful for it.”
Amr Ibrahim, PhD student, University of Alberta

“It was my first time and I had almost no clue about what was going to happen. When I received an email from the CSEG about the talks I found almost all of them interesting. I myself am interested in acquisition design based on imaging criteria and there were five different talks about acquisition and imaging in the symposium. It was a nice experience being there and it could not have happened if I had no travel funding from Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists Foundation.”
Nasser Kazemi Nojadeh, University of Alberta

“Thanks to the CSEG Foundation for supporting my participation in the 2013 CSEG Symposium, where Bill Goodway was honoured. It was great to see so many people influenced by Bill’s work and how his contributions to the geophysical community shaped other geoscientists’ work. I have personally benefited from Bill’s Lambda-Mu-Rho theory as I have worked with Inversion projects where LMR attributes help delineate the reservoir rocks. I consider the CSEG Symposium an excellent and unique way of recognizing and rewarding the work of prominent geophysicists, as is the case of Bill Goodway, Dan Hampson and Brian Russell.”
Patricia Gavotti, CREWES, University of Calgary

“My experience at the CSEG Symposium this year was very good. I am very grateful to the CSEG Foundation for allowing me to attend the Symposium. The talks varied, from Processing to Acquisition Design and Interpretation, and were of very high quality. I was able to appreciate the legacy of Bill Goodway and the influence he has had on many people throughout his career. The last presentation by Lee Hunt was very emotive and creative; I greatly enjoyed it. The lunch and awards ceremony was one of the highlights of the Symposium. My supervisor at the UofA, Mauricio D. Sacchi, received the CSEG medal. I am very happy I was able to be present at his ceremony.”
Nadia Kreimer, University of Alberta

“I am a graduate student at the University of Alberta currently doing PhD in Geophysics. This is the first time ever I have participated in a CSEG symposium and I found this event very effective for several reasons. Firstly, this event created a great opportunity for me to communicate with people from industry and academia. Further, I was able to become familiar with current research activities in different categories of seismic exploration. Particularly, I would like to mention two presentations, by Norm Cooper and David Monk on “Current practices in design of 3D land seismic programs” and “Designing land surveys based on imaging requirements”, respectively. From these talks, I acquired basic ideas on how 3D land seismic surveys are designed nowadays and how imaging requirements can be embedded in current 3D land seismic survey design. Moreover, these talks had a great impact on my current research as I am conducting my PhD research on sparse 3D land acquisition design using maximum entropy. Overall, I regard my participation in the CSEG symposium as a great opportunity in my academic career and I would like to thank the CSEG Symposium committee for organizing this event. I am also eager to take part in any such event organized by the CSEG in the future.”
Md. Mafijul Islam Bhuiyan, University of Alberta

“This March several students from the University of Alberta, including me, received funding from the CSEG Foundation to attend the CSEG symposium. The symposium is a one day event hosted at the Calgary Telus Convention Centre. This year’s symposium honoured the career of eminent geophysicist Bill Goodway. The symposium consisted of several technical presentations focused on seismic acquisition design, interpolation and Amplitude Versus Offset (AVO) inversion. Five dimensional interpolation is of great interest to me so I particularly enjoyed connecting two fields that consider the spatial sampling of seismic data in different ways. I am very grateful to the CSEG Foundation for this funding. It provided the chance to hear many interesting technical presentations on topics that are closely related to my own research, and the mixer at the end of the day was a welcome opportunity to meet with fellow geophysicists from industry and academia.”
Aaron Stanton, University of Alberta

“I’m a graduate student in Geophysics from the University of Alberta. On March 7th, I attended the 2013 CSEG Symposium in Calgary. The trip was funded by the CSEG Foundation. The Symposium honored Bill Goodway, a famous geophysicist who contributed to a variety of fields in applied geophysics. Several excellent speakers from industry gave interesting talks on data acquisition, AVO inversion and interpretation, etc. The topic of 3D data acquisition especially attracted me. It’s very useful for my current and future research work. I think the trip to the 2013 CSEG Symposium is a very important experience. Firstly, I learned a lot from all the interesting talks. Secondly, it provided me the opportunity to meet with people from industry and academia, which is very important for my future career. Thirdly, I learned presentation skills from the excellent speakers in the Symposium. I greatly appreciate the CSEG Foundation for providing the funding for this trip.”
R Ke Chen, University of Alberta

Fig. 01
Students from the University of Alberta who attended the CSEG Symposium in March thanks to funding from the CSEG-F. (L-R) Ke Chen, Sohel Bhuiyan, Nasser Kazemi, Nadia Kreimer, Aaron Stanton, Amr Ibrahim.



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