The 2011 Advances in Earth Science Research Conference at Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario

By Michael Smorodin

AESRC 2011 was hosted by Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario, from March 25th to 27th. This marked the 10th anniversary of the student-run conference which has a mandate to provide an unintimidating forum where students can share their research in the geosciences amongst their peers and network with professionals from industry, government and academia. Approximately 50 graduate and undergraduate students attended, coming from Carleton University, the University of Ottawa, Queen’s University, the University of Toronto, the University of Waterloo, the University of Guelph, and Brock University. AESRC 2012 will be held at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario next spring.

The CSEG Foundation was a sponsor this year and provided a $300 prize for Best Geophysical Presentation at AESRC 2011. This year’s winner was Stephen Crane, a graduate student at Carleton University, for his presentation titled, “Determining Stress Drop and a Low Frequency Coefficient Using Stochastic Finite-fault Modeling”. Michael Smorodin, Jr. Geophysicist with Statcom Ltd., and Samuel Quiroga, Jr. Geophysicist with Cenovus Energy, were sent on behalf of the CSEG University Student Outreach Committee to promote the benefits of student membership and judge geophysical presentations.

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Fig. 01
Figure 1. Michael Smorodin (left) and Samuel Quiroga (right) presenting the award for best geophysical presentation to Stephen Crane (centre) at the Advances in Earth Science Research Conference.

CSEG-F Ambassador event in Edmonton, Alberta

By Matthew Klukas

On March 24th, CSEG Ambassadors and UofA Alumni Matthew Klukas and Greg Deutscher represented the USO committee at the University of Alberta. Their presentation was aimed to inform the students studying in geophysics about the benefits of being a student member of the CSEG. James Mickle from EBA Engineering Consultants and Tom Pockling from the U of A gave guest presentations. James’s presentation, “Life after University”, outlined his work experience for EBA with interesting stories and pictures. It was a great presentation which allowed the students to see another side of geophysics rather than the more mainstream oil and gas view. It was great to see the pictures and hear stories of James’s travels to different areas of Canada (as far north as Eureka!). Tom Pockling and his team of fellow UofA students also gave their presentation “Analysis of the Cooper/Eromanga Basin, S. Australia: Implications for Oil and Gas Drilling”. This was more of a training session for the team as they would be performing the same presentation in front of a panel of judges the following morning at the AAPG’s Imperial Barrel Award Program held in Calgary. It focused on determining volumes, risking, and calculating economic value for numerous prospects. It was a good blend of industry and academic exposure. The CSEG would like to thank both James and Tom for their contribution to this event as well as the UofA and UAGUS (Geophysics Undergraduate Society) for donating the room and organizing the event.

This event was a great way to establish the CSEG’s presence in the Edmonton area. The students were very enthusiastic to hear about what they can do with their Geophysics education once completed and to network with young professionals who could provide insight into starting a career.

Fig. 02
Figure 2. Students enjoying the presentations at the Ambassador event in Edmonton.

Alberta Student Energy Conference, Calgary, Alberta

By Jessa Lagroix and Keith Millis

This year’s Alberta Student Energy Conference (ASEC) was a fantastic success. A student-organized event held at the BMO Centre on Friday, March 25th, the ASEC drew Engineering, Geoscience, and Business majors from across Alberta in pursuit of their opportunities within Alberta’s future. The day was filled with engaging presentations and discussion related to the emergence of a new generation of industry leaders. Geophysical presentations included “The Use of Geophysics in Unconventional Gas Reservoir Characterization”, “Integration of Geophysics in Exploration and Development” and CSEG president Larry Herd’s contribution: “Geosciences in the 21st Century – What you need to know to Survive”. Extensive networking opportunities in the evening were capped off with notable guest speakers during dinner.

Gary Mar, former Alberta representative to the US, reflected on the impact and responsibility this industry has with provincial politics, welcoming insight and support for his campaign for premier. Leonard Waverman, Dean of the Haskayne School of Business, encouraged students to be innovative and forward thinking in this industry by being the metaphoric stone masons never losing sight of the goal of building a cathedral. In concluding the evening, Drew Zieglgansberger, a Senior Vice President with Cenovus Energy, trumpeted the value of field experience, professional humility, courtesy, and boosted the egos of everyone in the room.

The CSEG was proud to sponsor the event and representatives Larry Herd, Brian Russell, Scott Simms, Jane Ling, Jeff Calvert, Mark Jeroncic, Jessa Lagroix, Keith Millis, and Peter Sung promoted our society. All of the students expressed that they had a positive experience at the conference and many said the workshops and talks were the best part. It was encouraging to see students from different disciplines together in one room, united by the need to work together for the future success of the energy industry. Through the hard work and dedication of countless individuals, the ASEC achieved its goal of educating and inspiring the ambitious minds of today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders.

Fig. 03
Figure 3. A table of students enjoying the dinner during the Alberta Student Energy Conference.
Fig. 04
Figure 4. (l to r) Tom Sneddon (APEGGA), James Douglas (ASEC chair), Drew Zieglgansberger (Cenovus Energy), Gary Mar (Government of Alberta) and Anna Cheysvin (ASEC vice-chair) at the Alberta Student Energy Conference.

CSEG-F events in 2011

Event Date Event Name Location
May 8-10 Earth Science for Society during the CSEG/CSPG/CWLS convention Calgary, AB
May 10 CSEG Challenge Bowl during the convention Calgary, AB
May 28 Canmore Geoscience Day Canmore, AB
June 23 Geophysical Industry Field Trip Calgary, AB
Oct 4-6 Seismic in Motion Waiparous, AB
Oct 20 AUGC and Eastern Challenge Bowl final St Johns, NF



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