Earth Science for Society 2011

Earth Science for Society (ESfS) is a vibrant showcase of the Earth Sciences with hands-on activities and dynamic demonstrations for people of all ages and interests. It was such a huge success in 2010 that it will be held again this year, as part of the convention recovery 2011. The free dynamic, interactive geosciences exhibits will be open to the public on Sunday, May 8th from 12-5 pm and on Monday and Tuesday, May 9th and 10th, from 9–3:30.

Four pavilions: Energy for Us, Resources and You, One Dynamic Earth and Our Future! will each contain several exhibits offering hands-on opportunities to see and experience Earth Science in a unique way. Imagine cracking rocks with hammers to find delicate trilobite fossils, peering down special microscopes at diamonds, fossils and minerals, or watching exciting demonstrations of simulated coal dust explosions.

The objective of Earth Science for Society is to have interactive and dynamic exhibits to show students and the general public how Earth Science impacts our daily lives. Again we will be hosting 2000 junior high school students to give them a rare opportunity to learn how Earth Science plays a critical role in our society and to make the connection between their everyday belongings and responsible development of our country’s rich natural resources. They will also gain a new appreciation for how Earth Science integrates many sciences and may even be inspired to pursue a career in the geosciences.

ESfS grew out of the Kids in Science Program (KISP) that operated for several years to bring students to the convention and visit some of the booths on the exhibits floor. ESfS has dedicated floor space for its exhibits and the students can visit every display. The students will be escorted by volunteer geoscience guides, who will have the opportunity to pass on their enthusiasm for our discipline and its invaluable contribution to society. If you are interested in being a volunteer guide please email

This program would not be possible without the valued contributions from the generous sponsors, the hard work of the volunteer organizing committee members, the volunteer guides and the exhibitors, whose exciting displays last year thrilled us all.

Please join us in a fun, interesting and educational outing to explore the Earth Sciences and pass the word around. Admission is FREE to this family-friendly event and people of all ages and interests will be intrigued by the ways they use our Earth’s natural resources. Come on Mother’s Day for special surprises.

Visitors to Earth Science for Society in 2010
Visitors to Earth Science for Society in 2010 enjoyed hunting for fossils at one of the interactive exhibits.



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