Calgary Geoscience Data Managers Network

Data brokers, geophysicists, geologists, and managers alike all know how important and crucial the role of data managers are to their business units, teams and companies as a whole. The Calgary Geoscience Data Managers Society grew out of a group of like-minded geophysical data managers and techs brought together by Sean Callaghan in 2010, as the Seismic Therapy Group. The intent was to encourage the exchange of ideas, resources and expertise. As the group expanded they became the Calgary GeoScience Data Managers Network and began facilitating learning events, networking opportunities and online resources for all Calgary GeoScience Data Managers. The Calgary GeoScience Data Managers officially became a not- for-profit society in June 2015, and continue to work collaboratively to share tips and best practices with colleagues and provide support for each other in education, certification, industry related training and other professional development opportunities. Many Calgary operators as well as service providers have had the opportunity to present case studies and showcase innovative products and processes. Topics have included seismic data processing, lidar basics, seismic acquisition, logging, seismic survey, fracking and micro-seismic to name a few. The Calgary GeoScience Data Managers Society reaches out to over 500 people each month. Participants include members of the GeoScience societies, individuals employed in geoscience departments of oil companies, geoscience contractors, supply houses and consultants. The Calgary Geoscience Data Managers Society is unique to our industry.

The current Board of Directors includes:

  • Denise Freeland – Chairman, ARMA and CWLS Representative,
  • Marc Nolte - President, PPDM Representative
  • Robyn Benner - Vice President,
  • Beverly Bridger – Treasurer, Website maintenance
  • Kate Smiley – Secretary
  • Doug Uffen - APEGA Representative
  • Dustin Borotsik – Learn@Lunch Coordinator
  • Rachel Binnion - Promotions
  • Joanne Poloway - CSEG Representative
  • Caroline Mongrain - SAIT Representative
  • Dawn Tofsrud - Social Events
  • Jason Harper - CSPG Representative
  • Kim Theilen
  • Trish Mulder
  • Amy Iverson
  • Glen Stewart - Social Events
  • Aline Anderson - LinkedIn

The success of Calgary Geoscience Data Managers can be contributed to the dedicated chairs that continue to lead exceptional teams of volunteers, and the generous sponsors who contribute funds to make events happen, such as the ever popular, Learn@Lunch networking opportunity. The Learn@ Lunch event continues to grow as a highly popular and relevant event especially with the significant changes in the ebb and flow of market conditions. The above list of volunteers includes many well-known CSEG members helping Calgary Geoscience Data Managers Society continue to become an important part of the of the greater geoscience community. To find out more about the Calgary Geoscience Data Managers Society please visit

Other key members to get this organization off the ground include Leah Manzi, Mary Cameron, Kerri Auck, Cherie Anderson, Tanya McIntyre and Arianne Curts. Thank you to the current and previous Calgary Geoscience Data Managers Society Committees.

Stephen Kotkas & Kevin Bianchini
(CSEG Member Services)



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