The end of classes at SAIT in April and the time off during July and August was the perfect opportunity for me to work on getting a head start in delivering the next 10 issues of the RECORDER.

First, I have to express my sincere gratitude to Satinder Chopra for his patient mentoring in my duties as the chief editor of the RECORDER. I am sure I had flirted a few times with the line between troubling and pestering with regards to RECORDER issues. However, it is better to ask rather than making mistakes on account of not wanting to trouble Satinder who has amassed a great deal of experience in the past 11 years as the Chief Editor of the RECORDER.

Second, a sincere thank you to the RECORDER committee members: Kurt Wikel, David Close, David Cho, Carson Yarham, Meghan Brown, and Mohammed Al-Ibrahim, as well Carmen Swalwell, Kristy Manchul, Penny Colton, Jason Noble, and Jason Schweigert who attend the RECORDER meetings on a regular basis.

Third, the RECORDER besides providing an excellent opportunity for CSEG members and non-members to read technical articles about geophysical issues; it is also the means by which the multitude of CSEG events and networking opportunities are conveyed through the columns written by the CSEG president, executive members, and others. Thank you all for the timely contribution of your articles.

Most importantly, I would like to thank all the authors for their contribution of focus articles which really

A final word of thanks to Jim Racette, Sheryl Meggeson, Lawrence and Bonnie Luft (The Printman) for their countless tasks done behind the scene in order to ensure the production and delivery of a quality technical geophysics magazine.

The success of the RECORDER depends on our valued and reliable advertisers who keep our industry engaged with their advertising. My number one priority for the next ten RECORDER issues will be the delivery of the RECORDER at the beginning of each month so as to provide companies an opportunity to advertise in a time sensitive manner.

In addition, the RECORDER articles will be available in their entirety on the CSEG website for those who prefer an electronic version of the magazine, while at the same time the hard copy is delivered to those die-hard readers/collectors. In the near future the advertisers of the RECORDER will be provided with the option for a live link to their websites.

My sincere hope is that this year will be a year of even greater success in terms of delivery of the RECORDER issues as well as increase the readership and advertising which will enable the RECORDER committee to expand the technical quality of the magazine.

To all who have done their best in enabling me to do my duties in this first year as the chief editor of the RECORDER, THANK YOU!



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