p>Welcome back! Happy 150th birthday, Canada!


With the change to editions every 6 weeks, instead of every month, the summer interval between editions isn’t as large a gap as it used to be. However, the brief change was refreshing, reinvigorating, energizing – many synonyms exist for bright-eyed enthusiasm. I hope you are also feeling enthusiastic about the new school year, new exploration season (yippee for freezing winter), any new opportunities that come your way, and the upcoming SEG convention.

We’re closing up the RVs and cottages, packing up the camping gear, pulling the boats out of the water, and packing up our t-shirts and shorts (maybe not you Snowbirds). Next on our checklists: plan and organize for the fall and winter seasons. I always find it hard to focus on what to do first, and what to put aside for later. So many new ideas, so many new people to meet and old friends to catch up with, new skills to learn, and old concepts to review.

This edition captures this diversity of things to do, learn, and consider. We look back at spring and summer events, the Challenge Bowl and ICubed, and Earth Day Cleanup. We also have a brief look at the Symposium, including Larry Lines’s lyrics to the song he sung during the CSEG award ceremony.

We look forward to fall events such as Seismic in Motion, which is only possible with the last-minute help of many businesses and individuals, the Junior Geophysicists Forum, and the September and October Technical Luncheons. For those of us who drove to our National Parks and festivities across the country for Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations, Science Break: Automatic Transmissions will be an interesting read.

Our focus, Value Integrated Geoscience… need I say more about lots of different ideas coming together?



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