Some changes come slow and some come fast. It is with both sadness and happiness that I wish Rob Holt all the best in his new employment; sadness for us to lose his enthusiasm, quiet humour, and awesome organization skills, and joy for his new adventure. I'd like to thank Rob for his service to the CSEG in his role as Chief Editor. Rob will still be helping us as Special Coordinator for mid-October’s edition. Therefore, we’re not losing him entirely.

As the new Chief Editor, I will continue the path that Rob set for the 2016-2017 RECORDER year. This December edition is rightly Rob’s last edition as Chief Editor since most of the submissions were coming in fast and furious as Rob transferred his responsibilities. Rob’s goals were to encourage more coast to coast Canadian content; and to encourage CSEG members to contribute articles and Letters to the Editor. We will try to publish submitted letters and articles as timely as possible; we are limited by space due to budget cuts, but we want to give you as many opportunities as possible to participate in the RECORDER. Rob also initiated a new column, “From the Archives”. Larry Lines and Ron Larson have offered to pull historical articles that are interesting all by themselves, and also interesting with respect to current events. Thank you, Larry and Ron!

The RECORDER’s financial numbers are slowly improving. We’re not in the black yet, but with streamlined costs and help from companies, such as yours that signed up for ads, we’ve begun a positive trend up. Thank you! We still need help. Email Alyssa to find out which ad rate fits your needs and budget.

I feel happiness and hope as members of our community find opportunities and employment. Maybe I’m optimistic, but the business news headlines seem to me to be slightly more positive than a year ago. There are still regular posts regarding a lack of growth (or not quick-enough rebound), but with the oil prices slowly creeping up, and stories about new, large exploration projects yielding positive results, I’m going to stick with positivity. This may be a message that you’re hearing everywhere in this season of giving, but I’ll risk repeating it here. Keep persevering. Keep looking for ways to grow professionally and personally. Keep looking for ways to help others. Help may be as simple as introducing two members of your network who can help one another, or saying “Hello” to a stranger. We may be competitors in the job and client market, but we are also each other’s greatest asset.

I wish you, your family, and your friends happiness and health this holiday season.



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