The past winter was not as busy as the previous two years in terms of the amount of seismic activity in Canada. With twelve land seismic companies in Canada, and the usual challenges that come with a seasonal industry and its human resources as it relates to peaks and valleys, it is expected crew counts will be similar to last winter’s. Alberta may see new regulatory challenges with the Single Regulator expected to take over the seismic portfolio in November. As well, we continue to face timing challenges with Caribou zones and Biodiversity issues. With the ever increasing regulatory burden and shorter timing windows in Canada, coupled with the limited number of crews going forward – PLAN AHEAD.

In Alberta we are holding CAGC’s Annual Geophysical Seminar in Red Deer on Sept 18 and 19 – a fully packed agenda including a Single Regulator Panel including AER, ESRD, PMO and Aboriginal Affairs; Schlumberger presenting on Induced Seismicity; ECS Safety on Drugs in the Workplace and the recent Irving decision, by the Supreme Court; and our Keynote Speaker Bruce Anderson from CBC’s At Issue Panel. See the CAGC website for further information and the full agenda.

October marks our Annual Seismic in Motion (SIM) field trip. Participants spend the day in the field observing the various aspects of seismic and have the opportunity to hear and see contractors performing seismic work. It is being offered October 1, 2 or 3, 2013. Location: Outside of Calgary, AB. Cost: $250 + GST per participant. Pick-up: Westin Hotel, downtown Calgary – 7:00 to 7:30 am. The day finishes at approximately 6:00 pm in the same spot. A hot lunch is provided. Good walking gear is required as there is some uphill and downhill walking. The CAGC will provide safety equipment, safety coordinators and a tour guide for each group. This event fills up quickly, so book spots early. It is open to industry, government and members of the public.

Once again we have teamed up with CSEG Outreach Committee, APEGA and the CAPP GEO committee to host 150 students from the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) system. We have broadened this to include students from SAIT, MRU and from U of C. This is an exciting partnership that produces an excellent opportunity for youth to see something of the Energy business and understand some of its intricacies. In addition we have hosted Industry folks, Oil Company Staff, Regulators, Interested Stakeholders, and the Media. The reviews have continued to be outstanding. Our efforts over the years have seen the Partnership win the Mayor’s Award for Excellence for Educational Partnerships and CBE’s highest honour The Lighthouse Award.

This year marks SIM’s 10th year. This event has been hosted in Alberta from 2004 through 2012 with the 2005 event in BC. It features all aspects of seismic – from surveying to line cutting, from drilling to recording, and features special demonstrations of shooting seismic and observing a helicopter long line rescue operation. This event is put on by the contractors and is supported by the Oil Companies in a truly cooperative manner. Such an event takes a great deal of time, effort and resources to put together.

Over the years we have put together several different DVDs and CDs of the event, running about 15 minutes each. One was fashioned after a Seismic 101 while another was set up to highlight our various occupations and training through Enform. A popular one is geared towards the youth attending the event. The DVDs and CDs are offered free of charge through the CAGC in case you might have interest in viewing the activity. We have distributed this product amongst the industry, regulators and also to many educational outlets. A number of our members have used this footage in their public stakeholder engagements.

The SIM event is characterized as a day out in the field. Seismic has become increasingly linear with various aspects separated by time and distance. Gone are the days when the office staff or even the geophysicists get out to the field to spend time observing operations. This opportunity presents itself as a benign version of seismic, bringing all aspects to one location. In a safe and organized manner, individuals are able to spend the day on the ground viewing demonstrations, interacting with contractors and have the field expertise and gaining a valuable understanding of the challenges involved in the operations themselves.

SIM is the type of field trip that holds interest for any type of personality. Whether the individual’s interest is piqued by hands on learning, by visual learning or by listening to presenters, this field trip has them all. The demonstrations are quick and move along seamlessly to keep the participant’s attention. As we have as many as two dozen contractors involved, participants have the opportunity to see many different aspects, many different equipment types and hear from many different individuals. The flavour of the day is variety.

We limit the number of participants on each day for reasons of transportation and safety. The event is generally fully subscribed so if you have interest we encourage you to register soon. Information and registration is available on our website

Hope to see you out there.

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