Approximately one year ago, I was approached and agreed to run for a position on the CSEG board; as a member for almost 45 years, it was time to give back to the Society before inevitably bowing out and retiring in the near future.  It has been my pleasure to support our current Finance Director, Cathy Martin, as her assistant until I assume the mantle in March 2020; she will be a very tough act to follow.

I wish to assure the membership that the Society's finances are in great shape, with a minimal deficit of under $20K forecasted for 2019; we are endeavouring to bring that number to zero as best we can.  The original deficit of $119K forecasted for 2019 a year ago has been drastically reduced due to the oversight and efforts of your Board during this past year to live within its means; you can be proud of their ongoing efforts (unlike many of our governments) to maintain disciplined cost-control.  I hope to continue these efforts with Board help in 2020.

It has been interesting to see how a diverse group of geophysical types successfully work together in fulfilling the missions that this Society undertakes on behalf of its membership: GeoConvention, Doodletrain, Symposia, Luncheons, Stampede, etc.  They all fall into its mandate to serve an ever-diminishing roll of constituents.  Remember that these folks are mostly volunteers that generously give of their own time to make these things happen; we should be justly proud of them and the time granted to them by their employers.

In summary, thank you for this opportunity to serve as your Assistant Finance Director; I look forward to the challenges we all face in 2020.



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