The CSEG continues to work on transitioning to a digital world. As part of this, the RECORDER Committee and Digital Media Committee are increasing communication and meeting as a Communications Committee – The RECORDER provides the content and DMC provides the media on which we present this content.

We’re really trying to improve a member’s experience – and there are many opportunities to be part of this transformation. If you are interested in being a part of our evolving communications and social media team, we are always looking for more energetic volunteers. We need to think differently than we have in the past. We particularly realize that younger members see things differently and we need to engage them and utilize their expertise.

We continue to expand and improve our platforms in the digital world. We are particularly trying to grow the use of social networks to get our content out. For example, our Linked-In group has been adjusted to a company type group to allow open sharing – note it is CSEGEO, ( not just CSEG (that was already taken). We are cross-posting content on other platforms. We are also in the process of streamlining the RECORDER content onto a single RECORDER website and making the member-only content easier to access. The Journal also continues to be published with peer reviewed content – check it out!

We have started a RECORDER Blog ( It includes abstracts for the most recent papers (full articles remain available to members only) and provides a platform for quality articles that didn’t fit under issue topics, and the possibility of more controversial topics and discussion, mentorship and help forums. Brian Schulte has written some good articles on why contribute content and the purpose of the Blog. He points out that the current six-week publication timeline for the RECORDER means there are large spans of time when there isn’t any new content for the readership. As well, the themed content of the RECORDER can make it more difficult to comment on the most current happenings.

The DMC has more ideas about improving the newsletter and coordination and consistency of digital efforts within the society. We can share good ideas of different sub-committees and make it easier for the technical sub-committees to work. We are continuing to track web stats, and our content has exposure to many interested parties from around the world. We need to work on how to capitalize on this interest and expand our impact and, potentially, revenue.

We want to re-engage our membership. How do you find the CSEG digital experience? What’s missing from the digital experience for you, and what do you particularly like? What would you like to see to get involved in discussions? Would you like to be a guest blogger? What sort of content and topics are important to you? We see the importance of promoting the Value of Geophysics in our content and continually striving to suggest innovative ways to use seismic and microseismic. We also need to reflect the integration of Geology, Geophysics and Engineering in our technical papers. Our very existence now depends on showing the value we bring to the table.

We need feedback to know where to concentrate the CSEG’s limited resources of volunteer time and funds. Watch your inbox for a CSEG survey – we really want continued feedback from a broad spectrum of members, to inform our communications strategy and support the vision for the CSEG in these challenging times.

Thanks to Brian Schulte, RECORDER Editor, Jason Schweigert, DMC chair, Larry Lines and Satinder Chopra, Journal Editors, and Andy Williams, Assistant Director of Communications, and all of the members of the RECORDER, DMC and Journal committees for their ideas and hard work.



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