In December 2016, I wrote an article about the CSEG Strategy Plan and this article could be considered Part 2: The present and the future of the CSEG.

Our society, science and the petroleum industry here in Calgary are still operating in challenging market conditions. As we continue to see, globally and domestically, it is economics that cause most of the casualties. This dynamic environment is catalyzing change within professional societies, and the CSEG is no exception.

So what is the CSEG’s strategy as it moves towards its 75th Anniversary in 2025? Based on the member survey, the main elements of the strategy are:

  1. Financial Health of the CSEG
  2. Member Value
  3. Promotion of the Profession
  4. Position of the CSEG as a professional society

The CSEG Board discusses these topics at every monthly meeting. This deliberate focus helps our society stay on track and keeps the Board on task. The CSEG has significantly reduced the budget deficit this year, due, in part, to continued efforts to reduce costs throughout the organization. A more significant factor has been our members’ attendance at CSEG events, such as GeoConvention, Doodletrain, Symposium and Technical Luncheons. We all support the society by participating in CSEG events, while personally gaining from the educational opportunity. Continue to support the CSEG through your attendance and participation.

The CSEG President, John Duhault, led a New Initiatives Committee (NIC) with Haskayne School of Business MBA students. The NIC wrapped up this year, and brought insight from industry leaders and from a business school perspective. John Duhault also led a Changing of the Guard meeting with the CSEG Board, the Foundation Board and CSEG Committee leaders. More good ideas were brought forward to consider for the future of the CSEG. The CSEG and Foundation Boards will meet this winter to address suggestions from the NIC and the Changing of the Guard, and with the four main strategic elements in mind, they will identify those suggestions on which the CSEG should act.

Part of the CSEG’s strategic evolution is the expansion of its online presence. This includes a continued effort to use the CSEG LinkedIn page in addition to the website and e-newsletter to convey information. Do you belong to the CSEG LinkedIn group? Join today. You are also encouraged to contribute as a group member.

There are many opportunities for the CSEG to consider that could enable the society to thrive as we approach our 75th Anniversary. Your elected CSEG Board continues to work hard on the CSEG’s present and its future, but we all have a role to play to make great things happen.

If you have any constructive suggestions on the evolution of the CSEG, please forward your ideas. All contact information for the CSEG office and the Board of Directors are on the CSEG website.

A professional society, such as the CSEG, reflects the quality of its members, and I believe this is a great society. Our volunteers are the lifeblood of this organization, and their commitment and enthusiasm continue to impress. I sincerely thank those of you who offer your time and talent to the CSEG – we run on your volunteerism! If you haven’t volunteered yet, please reach out to find out how you can contribute.

Be kind to one another, and let’s work together toward the future for the CSEG.



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