I am writing this Director’s Message on March 14, 2020, three days after the World Health Organization designated COVID-19 as a pandemic. In response to the advice and direction of medical experts and the governments of Alberta and Canada, the CSEG has suspended all of its educational, social and volunteer events. I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation, and that of the CSEG Board of Directors, to all of our countless volunteers, instructors, committees and members for your support and understanding as we have shuttered our in-person activities for the time being. I would also extend my heartfelt best wishes to everyone and their families. These are suddenly uncertain times compounded by disease and catastrophically low prices for the commodities most of our members are engaged in finding and producing. I can only hope that things look brighter by the time you read these words.

Despite our current difficulties it is in the nature of our profession to look for the creative solutions and opportunities that come with any situation, however difficult. While many doors may seem to be closed or closing, I would encourage all of you to explore the myriad opportunities that come from engaging with your fellow geoscientists, engineers and businesspeople. Opportunities that the CSEG will continue to sponsor, facilitate and encourage where we can.

The CSEG’s in-person events are currently suspended, but we are still planning to hold most of our previously planned events either later in 2020, or in 2021. To the extent possible, please try to take advantage of our continuing education events, including GeoConvention, Doodletrain, and Symposium in the fall. Keep an eye on the CSEG.ca website where announcements of event changes will be prominently displayed.

How we engage as professionals with one another, how we learn, discuss and socialize, is changing rapidly; COVID-19 is a catalyst for enhancing and speeding up that transition. The CSEG will need to change just as rapidly to keep up with and take advantage of those ongoing transitions. For now, we will be emphasizing communication, and hopefully learning opportunities via online methods. If you have ideas on how to manage this transition, want to participate as a volunteer, or have other thoughts on adding your energy to our profession and to CSEG, please let me or any member of the board know. We are all eager to meet you (perhaps online to start), and to help you become engaged with CSEG and your peers and associates.

In the meantime, I sincerely hope that you and yours will not be severely touched by the events currently unfolding. Please pay attention to the recommendations of the medical profession, they are as qualified in their field as you are in yours, and expertise matters!



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