Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.
Robert F. Kennedy

The seeds of the CSEG symposium were sown with Satinder Chopra’s presentation to the CSEG executive in October 2011. Being a person who leaves “no stone unturned” in his quest to make his efforts succeed, the presentation to the CSEG executive encompassed all the possible concerns the executive may pose in their proverbial role, often, as the “Devil’s advocate”, in order to ensure the success of all new initiatives that it sanctions on behalf of its members. The highlights of Satinder’s presentation included the following key points: the success of previous such event; the caliber of the speakers at such symposia; a list of speakers and the title of their presentations at the symposia; the choice of honorees and the theme of the symposium; target attendance numbers; cost estimates; sponsorship; organizing committee; student volunteers; refreshments, and, last but not least, the effect of having a symposium on attendance at the DISC and the Doodletrain. The list of issues concerning the CSEG symposium was long but not insurmountable.

In his effort to emulate the gala event that surrounds the SEG and the AAPG awards ceremony and to raise the profile of the CSEG awards commonly held during the AGM, Satinder also suggested that the CSEG awards ceremony be held during the luncheon of the CSEG symposium. Needless to say the CSEG executive agreed to the inception of the first CSEG symposium and to holding the CSEG awards ceremony during the symposium luncheon.

With the full support of the CSEG executive, it was time to get down to work and the first order of business was to form the committee. The committee consisted of Satinder (Chair- ARCIS), Oliver Khun (Apoterra Seismic), Dave D’Amico (Tasliman Energy Inc.), Lee Hunt (Fairborne Energy Ltd.), Penny Colton (Sensor Geophysical Ltd.), Carmen Swalwell (Swalwell Resource Consulting Inc.), Roger Smith (University of Calgary) and myself.

The first two tasks of the committee were to decide on an appropriate name for the symposium and to select the honorees. Choice of the nominees was easy and Dan Hampson and Brian Russell were decided to be the honorees. After a few e-mail exchanges, the name for the symposium was decided to be left as the “CSEG Symposium”.

The next task of the committee was to decide on a theme and it was decided to require that each presentation be a case study which would have a “value-added” aspect that the attendees would greatly benefit from and appreciate. Each member of the committee was then given the main task of soliciting speakers who would be able to bring exciting case studies. With each one in the committee contributing their “know-how” as to who the experts were in various Geophysical topics. Much of the next few months were spent finalizing the list of presentations.

Just as important as the list of presentations was the achieving the sponsorship goal which was crucial to the viability and the continuation of the symposium. Carmen and Roger did their part and surpassed the goal and of course to the relief of everyone in the committee. Many thanks to the companies that did their part to financially support the symposium initiative through sponsorship.

As the date of the symposium approached, the excitement and the anticipation was palpable. Satinder and the committee members did their part to ensure that the event was carried out without any difficulties. I must add that for me the day went very quickly given the varying nature of the topics that were presented and the skills of the speakers.

Each of the presenters were awarded a beautiful Labrodorite with the CSEG logo as a token of appreciation for their efforts.

As in a relay race, Satinder has completed the anchor leg of the race and has passed the baton of success to Oliver Khun who now has the challenging task of ensuring the caliber of the presentations at the next CSEG symposium will be equally well received. Several e-mails that Satinder received from various quarters of the industry highlights the success of the symposium and the appreciation of the CSEG members.



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