The CSEG is pleased to announce that Email and other services are now available to the membership on the Internet. The Email address for the CSEG office is: The CSEG also maintains a home page through the University of Calgary. The URL (Universal Resource Locator) is: Check it out! The CSEG web pages are a forum for information pertinent to the membership, and several services are available. The information is regularly updated by volunteers.

Some of the services available include: direct Email contact with volunteers and the CSEG executive, up to date information on . the annual conventions, a searchable cumulative index of geophysical publications with 18,800 entries, and links to affiliated societies. Additional services are available and more are under development. Your comments and input are welcome. You may contribute information and suggestions about the web pages or the society via Email: Additional information on the Internet is available in the March 1995 issue of The Leading Edge.

CSEG office Email address:

CSEG WWW pages:



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