In view of increasing concern about possible abuses of the quality inspection procedure for seismic data, the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists and the Canadian Geophysical Brokers Association set up a joint committee to make recommendations concerning these procedures. Their recommendations were adopted by the CSEG executive in 1987 and continue to be strongly endorsed by the CSEG. These recommendations are:

The client should not request a Quality Inspection (QI) unless he is actually interested in purchasing the data.

When conducting a QI, the client must extract only information relating to data quality. He must not interpret the data. Activities during the QI which are UNACCEPTABLE include:

  1. Making notes on anything other than the general data quality and recording and processing parameters.
  2. Measuring the horizons, either by mechanical devices such as dividers or by folding the sections for comparison purposes.
  3. Using the shot point map to define the geographical location of any seismic anomaly on a line.
  4. Asking the broker to leave a photocopy of sections or shot point maps.
  5. Asking the broker to reveal the name of companies who would not release data.

The broker, too, has responsibilities both to his client and to the seller. He must:

  1. a) provide his client with only the information required for QI.
  2. inform his client of the existence of all the available data of which he has knowledge, not just those lines which he would prefer to sell.
  3. provide information regarding only those lines of the seller's data which he knows to be for sale.
  4. protect the anonymity of his client.

It is hoped that these guidelines will help to eliminate any misconceptions which continue to be of concern in the industry.

These points were outlined in a letter to all CSEG members in 1987 and signed by the then president of the CSEG, R.L. (Bob) Comer. A reminder at this time seems appropriate in view of the ongoing concerns expressed by several members.



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